1NX51 CDC VRE’s. Description. Career Development Course Intelligence Fundamentals Volume Review Exercise’s. Total Cards. Subject. Start studying 1NX51 CDC VRE Version CORRECT ANSWERS. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Start studying 1NX51 CDC Practice Quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Personnel assigned to this intelligence specialty fly as primary aircrew onboard a wide variety of aircraft to operate, evaluate, and manage airborne ISR information? What outlines measures and controls taken to deny unauthorized persons access to information derived from telecommunications and to ensure the authenticity of those communications? Survey Maker Flashcards See All. The act of classifying a specific item of information on the basis that an original classification decision has already been made by an authorized OCA is known as what?

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Airmen on computer networks have determined and reported to their commander the apparent intrusion of the AF networks by a known hacker and appropriate countermeasures are taken. An ISR function at the strategic level of war is to research foreign weapons systems in order to provide force protection as a part of what overall role?

What section does she work in? Which division within the AOC would concentrate on long-range and near-term planning to achieve theater objectives?


What is step 2 in the intelligence preparation of the operational environment? Under the Analysis and Production phase of PCPAD, what term best defines receiving information from sources, collating it, then entering it into the appropriate databases?

Which type of question is answered by interpreting facts and observations?

Which principle of joint intelligence allows the analyst to think like the enemy? What is the standard for classifying information and specifies a uniform system for managing the protection of national security interests? When plotting with the MGRS system using ccc right and up technique, the first character of the coordinate represents what?

During the Quiz End of Quiz. What agency is the major producer and manager of foreign military intelligence for the DoD?

Word gets back to the AOC ddc a coalition aircraft was seen plummeting to the earth with a smoke trail. Removing question excerpt is a premium feature.

1nx51 CDC Practice Test

If SrA Snow needed guidance to classify an intelligence assessment, which of the following documents would cc need to access? To develop an optimal join collection plan and strategy to meet commander requirements.

What is a systematic application of reason cdv a particular branch of knowledge? What is a form of patterning by perceiving a similarity between events or things because of superficial features? In regards to recording the destruction of classified material, how many witnesses must sign the paperwork?

Which of the following will be created to address this situation? Which title of the USC typically refers to intelligence agencies, intelligence activities, and covert action?


1NX51 CDC Practice Test – ProProfs Quiz

When should the combination be changed? Title of New Duplicated Quiz:. Removing ad is a premium feature. The commander’s staff has produced a document that identifies forces and supplies required, and provides a schedule ddc moving resources.

1NX51 CDC VRE – ProProfs Quiz

Which tenet of Air and Space Power supports GGISR by applying a focused force that produces effects which may exceed the contributions of the sources employed individually? Who is appointed by the President with Senate approval to serve as the head of the IC? This capability is designed to affect behaviors, protect operations, communicate commander’s intent and project accurate information to achieve desired effects across the cognitive domain?

Which directorate of the joint staff would he most likely report this to? What intelligence discipline includes collection 1hx51 clandestine acquisition of photography, documents, and other material?

What type of targeting is the procedure for attacking targets that have been detected, identified, and developed in sufficient time for them to become part of a scheduled ATO?

Which system is designed to provide commanders with timely intelligence derived from multiple source?