A teen romance that delivers a softer, more innocent love story than the publisher’s well-known adult tomes. Allegiance by Cayla Kluver, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Allegiance (The Legacy Trilogy) [Cayla Kluver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. He couldn’t help his past any more than he could help the.

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I could gush about the characters for pages and pages. And I’m left alleigance, “You’re joking, right? The first part is very similar in tone, style, and pacing to that of Legacy. Looking to the door at my left, which led into the corridor, I kluvee my guests entering and realized for the thousandth time the danger, stupidity and yet necessity of what I was doing. I really came to admire him and his decisions, WOW there were some monumental ones! And what’s better than a queen in love the enemy?

I am a sucker when it comes to royalty. It really shocked me how much I enjoyed reading this story. I don’t care that she and Narian shared a wonderful romance in the first book! It’s a fine novel, but I wanted something more and it just wasn’t there. He has an amazing story, and I loved learning more about him and his role. Now that they’re married he believes that eventually she will drop her guard and allow him into her life as her cajla.

And as alleggiance as this sounds, when faced with giving up your parents or giving up your entire kingdom, it’s obvious which is the right decision to take.

View all 6 comments. Sometimes in books I get frustrated that the author chose to write it this way or that way, but with this, allegance just WAS the way it was because it was REAL is how it felt to me. The much a waited answers to these questions are disclosed. She’s freaking stuck on the wrong guy. I was expecting her to finally say, “Teach me how to fight. Kluver’s writing has the kind of archaic grace up there with Christopher Paolini, I wasn’t as impressed this time around versus with the first book.


Alera doesn’t truly believe Narian will fight against Hytanicauntil Cokyrian troops attack with Narian commanding the charge. Lots of useless information and sentences that say in twenty words what could easily have been said in ten. I can imagine allegixnce same series, just done so much better, that it’s even more frustrating than if it were all just terrible. In my eyes, Allegiancr is simply a figurehead for Hytanica, but she continues to lack the ability to fee care of herself or her kingdom and does not appreciate a good man when he is standing in right front of her.


This book was a doozy. That isn’t saving anyone’s life, that’s just a completely inept way to try to fill the massive, amazing, bottomless plot hole that comes with trying to make an excuse so that your predestined pair gets together. At long last, the door I had been watching opened and the Hytanican men entered: Even though I would have happily been with Steldor, I do understand her reasoning for not.

Allegiance had a few improvements from Legacybut not enough to make this a good trilogy. In this series finale, a young queen must find it in herself to free her people. Which is not her fault because Caula know she wants to be more strong and independent — and honestly I cannot control her wayward heart. I think that if Kluver had picked a more normal YA, with cajla so much epic fantasy in it her writing would match better the story. In the end though, Alera did manage to change for the better, nearly redeeming herself in my eyes.

He waited, watching the doors at the far end with eyes as bright as emeralds and Brilliant!

The sub characters showed little development and almost seemed 2D. Narian is not in this book a great deal, but he is constantly in Alera’s thoughts. Memories and pain lurked in almost every corner of the Palace of Hytanica–which allegiance been redubbed the Bastion by the Cokyrians–but this room was nondescript and held no particular significance, unlike the Hall of Kings, where the thrones of our royalty had been removed along with the portraits of rree past; unlike the strategy room where we had planned our last defenses; unlike the offices that had formerly been Steldor’s as King, Cannan’s as the Captain of the Guard and Galen’s as Sergeant at Arms.


But Alera is the Queen. Has there ever been such a weak, selfish, simpering, and altogether idiotic Rarely has lalegiance book, series, or author driven me quite so crazy. The way she writes allows the reader to really get to know all the characters.

And i can’t say the writing style changed much from then.

That she left Steldor so happily. Rarely has a book, series, or author driven me quite so crazy.

ALLEGIANCE by Cayla Kluver | Kirkus Reviews

Cayla Kluver did a fantastic job really driving home the bleakness and utter devastation of the war. My heart still goes out to the man, he is perfect! He reveals more of his feelings for Alera and what that may imply. Blah, blah, blah, basically. Originally posted on Small Review 3. All she ever thinks about is what SHE wants and how everyone should worship and obey HER and how she’d better get HER way or she’ll do something even dumber than before.

Ultimately, she ruined the whole book for me. I was positively giddy kkuver this turn of events even though it was all stupid Alera’s stupid fault. I know this is a trilogy, but it left me wanting more someday about the future of the characters and to know what would happen in the future.

Love how it all ends! And did I mention she’s selfish? I don’t care if she’s young, but when you’re shoved to be queen, you should learn to buckle up and mature to play that role effectively. There are so many things about this book that frustrated me!