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Published on Apr View Download 0. The exhibition is named Light Before the Light On the occasion of the working visit of H.

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InInIn ttthihihiss s seseseconddd iiissssssueueue ooofff LeLeLeadadadeeers Magazziz nnen yyyououou wwililillll fififindndnd mmmaana y top pp leeevevevel eveveventss aaandndnd iiintntnterereresesestitit ng stooorieseses. YYouu wiwill aalslsoo fifindnd aas s ususuaal ffascinatingg inntetervviews witthh ppeopoplele ssucuchh as H. Roman Onderka, Mayor of Brno to mention a few.

For our front page interview we are happy to have Tom Bezina, Owner and Chairman of the board of directors of the company Best a. We are also happy to announce a new contributor to Leaders Magazine, Mr.

As an expert of transport, logistics and infrastructure he will write and give us valuable information and ideas about this very important topic. Finally, let me quote an article by our contributor Mr. Ivan Pilny, entitled Humor in Business Jokes always testify as to whats going on in an office. Who wants to see colleagues frowning every morning?

TSW : Training School WOC :: Iso Pdf Free Download

Bad-tempered and resentful colleagues never contribute to a nice atmosphere. On the contrary, people who beam with ease are a firms true asset. Its time to think of humor anew.

Humor isnt just simple fun; it is a very valuable advantage. Think globally, laugh locally. Benknknke ee AAiA kkek ll benke. What Is Super in Superstrategy? Iva Drebitko99 Brand Journalism? Luick 32, 00 Praha 2We appreciate your opinions of Invejtura Magazine. Please send them to: Leaders Magazine Moravsk 14, 00 Praha 2 tel.: The advertiser is responsible for the advertising contents.

Opinions expressed in this publication are those of the authors or persons interviewed and do not necessarily re ect the views of the editors or Leaders Magazine. All editorial material and photos in Leaders Magazine is digitally stored and may be republished by Leaders Magazine either in printed form or in various digital media. All correspondence to Leaders Magazine may be published. Graphic design and printing: Those who are the most in u-ential, powerful and af uent readers in the Czech Republic.

To represen-tatives of the businesssphere, diplo-matic corps and to top goverment aaaandndndnd mayors of cials. For sale in Luxor Bookstore at Hryv nmst. LeLeadadere s MMagazinee is avavaia laablble e inin aallll roomss oof these ttopop sstatar r ne hhototels and thheeir r rereststauaurarantnts: I am convinced at is why wt isthat creating a platform of high profile individuals will be an excellent opportunity for the thatt crecreatingat magazine to acquire new ideas and define new directions of future development.


The magazine has brought to the Czech as useful toRepublic the completely new concept of making important people invenfura decision makers epbe they Czech or foreigners visible and worthy of positive admiration. It is therefore all the more of an achievement to start and successfully develop a project such as Leaders Magazine.

The god of small things epub bud

I understand fully the intention of Benke Aikell, the magazines founder and editor-in-chief, to progress further with Leaders Magazine, and for this purpose to form a team of experienced Czech citizens of different backgrounds to create a invenfura body which would bring this project to an even higher level. President of ComeniusPresI was pleased to be invited by Benke Aikell to cooperate on the preparation of the Advisory I wwas pleoard project.

I personally see one of the main goals of the project in creation of a positive Board ppBoarenvironment for networking, exchange of views, presentation of new ideas, experiences, envirenviroiroonnmeronproposals or suggestions. PeDirector of Pekos s.

Zdenk p, Managing Partner, Equity Solutions s. Petr Kala, former Minister of EnvironmentntnvironmeIng. Vladimr Latvka, former M. Ji Maceka, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, oaesk pota a.

Lucie Pilipov, Partner, Via Perfecta, s. Sybera, Managing Director, Sybera era Enterprises spol. Pavel tefka, MSc, 4-star General ret. What was the main motivation when you were founding BEST a. I was always aware of the courage with which I named my freshly established company in On the other hand, I always as-pired to do credit to our name.

And it was sometime p ytowards the end of the 90s when I publicly admit-ted that we were the best company within our industry branch; and thus we named the company in this way since the very beginning, because we anticipated this.

The main motivation lyying g behind the companys establishment is a completely dif-ferent story. It is a story of a relatively young man who was caught up by the Velvet Revolution.

And he was able to use this historically unrepeatable break in Czech history for the foundation, and con-sequently the building of one of the best really pri-vate companies in the Czech Republic. In addition, it was the building of a company which is producing something, and subsequently, with its taxes, helps to fill the state budget of the Czech Republic.

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Sadly, there are only a few companies like that. To what do you owe the fact that you were awarded the title Entrepreneur of the Year in the Czech Republic? Undoubtedly, this happened thanks to the en-lightened and intelligent jury headed by Ing.

The jury chose me and our company out of about 70 participants coming from the Czech Republic, all of whom met the necessary criteria, and who had the courage to participate and com-pete. I owe my victory to all of my colleagues and employees, as well as my family and myself.

In all sincerity, I perhaps owe it to myself the most. By the way, I was the only finalist who said publicly that he had signed up to win. In what way does the quality of BEST s pro-ducts exceed the products of its competition, and how is this guaranteed? Our foundation was outlined this way. Althoughwe started from scratch and were poor, we bought tht e momostst uup-p toto-ddatatee tetechchnonolologigieses, ththee nenewewestst, the highest-ranking, and thus obviously the most expensive ones.


We have maintained this way of thinking up to the present day. Thanks to that, we immediately ranked among the absolutely top pro-ducers within Europe. We understand that the highest possible quality of products is vital to our permanent position, as the best.

We always set our sights on a quality higher than the normal rules suggest. Moreover, we provide, as the only company in the Czech Republic, a nanotech-nonolologygy iin-dde tpthh ttreattmentt fof our prodducts, and we are the first ones in Europe to have a systemic supervision of quality QAVER.

Such a mind set is profoundly human.

It cannot be guaranteed by anything else but a humane approach by the key people. It can definitely not be achieved by any general or internal regulation. This can only help us a little bit, and motivates us to compete. In other words, if you are looking for a great company with great products, in any area, always assess the owner and key managers. You cannot be mistaken, the dependence is directly proportional.

Can you mention which of BEST s projects you are mostly proud of? I am not proud of any single project. After all, it is not very feasible because BEST produces and sells ,about 4 million m2 of cobbles, and about 10 million pieces of other special shapes. Thus, I am proud of everything we have achieved. In any case, the story of BEST is not an entirely common one.

If I had to emphasize any facts, it would be be-yond question the fact that BEST brought the Czech Republic a new industry branch afterbe-came its leader, and remained in the leading posi-tion to date. In addition, the Czech Republic is the only country out of the whole previous Soviet block which has managed to defend its sector against the entry of multinational corporations.

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We have the feeling that this is mainly to our credit. It is not solely a matter of silly pride; it is essentially an economic matter. All of BESTs revenues are rein-vested within the invebtura of its origin; all taxes are taxed here as hhryc. Our company thus ranks in iventura position, and in economic results, among invehtura best companies within the whole Czech economy. He literally built up the factory on a green eld in Rybnice.

Tom Bezina is a founder of the branch of industry in the Czech Republic, and he was also the president of the Czech Association of Concrete Workers until February Tom Bezina was the winner of the competition Entrepreneur of the Year in the Czech Republic, and thus represented the Czech Republic in the international competition the World Entrepreneur of the Year in Monte Carlo.

Tom Bezina is married, still with his rst wife, and they have three kids together. What significant investment do you intend to make in the near future? We have invested between and million CZK each year during our existence.