User Manual for Archimedean Dynasty Game. TRANSCRIPT. ClarenceReplacementDocs. top related. manual instalacion cajeros dynasty. Archimedean Dynasty was the first of the “Aqua series” of computer games, developed by Massive Development and published by Blue Byte in On July Archimedean Dynasty had a pretty juicy manual with loads of backstory. I only read one instruction manual ever and it was for a harvest.

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Sep 16, Messages: Jul 22, Stats Ignoring. Hello and welcome, dear readers. As always, with my previous LP completed, I’m gonna start a new one.

With a bit of luck it should be my final LP thread at least for some time Seeing this thread’s title you probably hoped for some Wasteland, Fallout or other post-apoc-alternate-reality-US immature bullshit. Well, not this time, people In this thread I’m gonna show you one of the best things that came out of Germany not counting Wehrmaht and scat German porn of course Let’s play Archimedean Dynasty a.

AD was created in by a cooperation of two German developers: Massive Development and Blue Byte Software. This game is my “private treasure” of sorts.

I’ve found it in the 2nd half of the nineties and immediately fell in Mind you, I don’t usually play simulation games, but this game was different. Its rich story, believable world, high-quality writing and badass main protagonist converted even such newfag as myself into a fan of underwater simulation. I could keep masturbating furiously over this game’s greatness, but what do we have MobyGames users for? Dec 18, Messages: Never heard of this game but it looks impressive.


Gonna have to keep an eye on this one. May 8, Messages: Dec 31, Messages: You truly have no life, Spekkio. This one seems like a very interesting game.

Dec 11, Messages: Fuck, I thought that it’s going to be a LP of Killa. Alright, let’s get this LP started! Yeah, I heard you were in a really good mood. No one set you up.

Video game instruction book:Archimedean Dynasty Weapons Manual

You screwed up the mission, that’s all. Besides, anybody can have a dybasty day once in a while. I had a cheap boat. He’ll be calling any minute – you can tell him yourself. That’s our first location: In the Crew Room we can chat with some people: Hangar is empty, there’s an arms dealer near archimeddean Dock: Let’s start with the black thing in archimerean lower right corner. This is our Notebook. First two options should be self-explanatory.

If you’re interested, here are some game options: I’m gonna turn all three types of “autopilot” movies on for the 1st mission, to show you how they look.

After that, I’m gonna turn them off for good – watching them takes too much time and bandwith. The fourth option in the notebook is a SeaMap: As you can see, Flint is currently in the Argentine Basin area and has four locations available.

Let’s speak with Linda Krull.

I heard about your, uh I’ll bet it’s on the data channel. Relax, I’m a mercenary too.

If one of us gets in trouble it doesn’t stay a secret long. What else have you heard? How’s the situation down here? Worst thing is the shortage of decent food. Plus we had a few attacks from the Tornado Zone.

You think they’re looking to push out into the Atlantic?

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The Argentinian Basin is strategically important. How tenacious are they when the heat’s on? He leads the guards. Where can I find him? Will we be seeing each other again? I’m on my way to the Macquarie ridge. And here’s hoping we meet again.


Archimedean Dynasty () DOS box cover art – MobyGames

May I interest you in the finest smoke-free cigarettes? Get away from me. I’ve smoked the real thing in the Malayan Archipelago! You have been to the Leisure Complex? Yeah, and believe me, they’ve got it all. Surface simulation, sea level air pressure, oxygen-nitrogen atmosphere.

A poor tradesman cannot afford archimedsan things. Maybe you should change jobs.

I was there hunting oxygen smugglers for the Clansunion. Who would need contaminated oxygen from the surface? Yeah, they’re a worthless bunch. They used the oxygen to make a decomposing breathing gas that they sold to diggers and clay builders.

Perhaps, if you would buy my cigarettes, one day Archimedeean too could Sorry, don’t have the time OR the money. A colleague of yours took my last money for dynaety bunch of scrap he called a “boat”. I needed that more urgent than cigarettes! Here we have some dialogue choices for the 1st time: Whatever I haven’t sent to the bottom! What are you after here in the Argentinian Basin? Peace, quiet, friendship and a beautiful woman. Plenty of peace and quiet here, but there isn’t really a surplus of women, my friend.

How are things going down here? I usually get what I need. About what you would expect, considering we’ve all got seaweed archimeean.

Don’t you get anything decent to eat? All we get is nutrient concentrates! Yeah, that’s why the gourmets in the capital have problems with the Gibraltar pirates! By the way, what do you do around here? I drive a sediment caterpillar. Extracting opal and dynastg sediments. Sorry I made a mess of it, but That simply won’t do! I’ll make up for it! You’ll have your chance.