Army Regulation –1. Inventory Management. Centralized. Inventory Management of the Army Supply System. Headquarters. Department of the Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies, responsibilities, and procedures for integrated inventory management of Army. scope: Purpose. This regulation prescribes Department of the Army (DA) policies and responsibilities for integrated inventory management of Army materiel.

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Unknown and unverified distributors are the most likely source of these problem items. Army Prepositioned Stocks will be separately determined in accordance armg chapter 6. It also ensures that the APS stocks for the program are limited to combat essential regulatiin and provide only austere levels of support. For the DLA to provide this critical supply support, the Army must provide an accurate and timely forecast of depot repair parts requirements.

Supply functions at the depot for priority reclamation. Provide for an automated capability to store and retrieve supply planning report formats. These stocks may not be used for purposes such as improvingpeacetime readiness, as maintenance floats, for filling unit shortages, and so forth.

The objective of APS unit sets is strategic prepositioning of critical unit sets of equipment, with associated spares, repair parts, and unit basic loads UBL for issue to the Army. Generate a materiel receipt transaction with the date of depot receipt, condition, and quantity of materiel received, per AR — Measure and continue to optimize the following supply and distribution metrics:.

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It occurs when the last known manufacturer ceases production of an item required to repair or build an Army system. Automatic return item objectives. Ensure that the lateststandard items are available. Operations and maintenance, Army appropriated funds. Justify not furnishing empty containers. TDD standards are available at https: Excess assets resulting from cancellation or reduction of an OPROJ requirement will be applied against other.

Returns the reclaimed major item or assembly to storage with supporting documentation DA Form listing. regultion

AR –1 – AKO US Army

All reclamation maintenance and supply functions will be performed in an AIT environment. Consider these condemned assets potential DOD regulatoon in stratification reports of on-hand inventories. Reduce time and cost of logistics, especially in transportation, by maximizing truck load capacity reducing. They also reduce the volume of procurement work directives and administrative processing times.

AR 710-1 Centralized Inventory Management of the Army Supply System

As in column 4, line 2 reflects expected repair washouts. Details for Forecast Accuracy Computation, page 73 Figure 11—1: These are supply, maintenance and transportation costs. Items subject regulxtion SSRs. Requirements are based on theater campaign simulations for the MCOs designated for planning.

Accomplish priority reclamation as follows:.

Address all correspondence for the recovery PM to Commander, U. Ensure the provision of flight crews and provide support for the delivery of aircraft as required. Regjlation excess to Army requirements may be transferred as authorized to security assistance programs on a.


AR Centralized Inventory Management Of The Army Supply System

Inter-service supply support agreements stipulated in individual negotiations. They have the ability to meet requirements of more than one contingency in more than one theater of operations.

This type of transfer does not constitute a sale.

Approved Acquisition Objective Stock. They can alsoidentify and report late or missing srmy. These items must be stocked, since nonavailability would affect the readiness condition of essential weapon systems or end items. LCMCs will perform continuous surveillance and correction of secondary item supply and demand planning data. Parts ordered from DLA may be prepositioned at the organic maintenance depot to support the regulstion 30 days of. Validate and prioritize materiel requirements.

A buy simulation is done for several values of shortage cost, and estimates of commitment authority are produced.

For those items not forecasted to be in a buy position during the BY, but for which one or more buys are forecasted during the CY or AY, the procurement cycle requirement is the BY assets plus the BY returns, minus the BY requirements. Stratify items not expected to be in a buy position in the AY on the basis of the levels and lead times forecasted to exist at the end of the AY.