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AS — Australian Standard®. Pipelines—Gas and liquid petroleum. Part 1: Design and construction. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct You will be required to comply with this standard if you intend to operate a distribution system. A distribution system is a system of pipelines, mains, and gas . Could anyone of you please post the AS standard that’s meant for ” Pipelines – Gas and liquid petroleum – Design and construction”??? in which i need to.

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Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed D That, where required by the safety 2885.1 study, pipeline components have sufficient fracture toughness to minimize the likelihood of fracture initiation.

Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed Statements expressed in mandatory terms in notes to tables and figures are deemed to be requirements of the Standard. Control is achieved by the application of multiple independent protective measures in accordance ae this Standard.

Second edition AS — The residual risk of such threats shall be assessed and treated in accordance with Appendix F. Design lives include the following: A noncredible threat is not the same as a credible threat that has been controlled.

Australian Standard AS Pipelines – Gas and Liquid Petroleum – Design and Construction

New appendices are provided reflecting the findings of APIA research, clarification of concepts in the Standard, and providing detailed calculation methods. The break between pipeline and station shall be defined for each station.

All reasonably practicable controls should be applied. This Standard includes requirements for management of construction safety, electrical safety and environmental impacts.

Complicated clarifications have been reserved for the next revision of AS A value of 1. The stress, temperature and fracture arrest length parameters do not need to be uniform over the pipeline and may differ for each location class or for each relevant fracture mode.

Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd zs 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed The following aspects of pipeline design, construction and operation shall be considered in the design of a pipeline: The land use for which the pipeline is designed shall be documented and approved.


Threat of damage to the environment from operational maintenance and abandonment activities shall be identified and control measures developed.

The control failure threat s should be at a location where the consequences are most severe. Hence failure of threat controls is itself an important threat. A pipeline in the vicinity of electricity supply powerlines or facilities shall be analysed to determine if controls are required to provide for electrical safety.

Ad safety management study shall include stations, pipeline facilities and control systems. The pipeline management system shall identify these actions including the implementation of aas risk management actions as an integral part of pipeline safety management.

Where signs are used to provide procedural protection, the spacing to provide effective protection shall be established in the external interference 28855.1 design in accordance with Clause 5.

Where the steel grade is X80, the specified toughness shall be at least the calculated toughness multiplied by 1. This correlation shall be established ws the actual material concerned. Where automatic failure detection systems are installed, the practicability of automatic shutdown shall be considered.

Please consult the responsible agency for more information and to ascertain the level of compliance if any that may be required. Safety controls require continuous management so that they remain effective. Where the minimum requirements of Clause 5. It is emphasized that failure is not restricted to loss of containment. Industrial location class shall be assigned to any portion of pipeline where the immediately 28885.1 land use is industrial.

As Design and Construction – Free Download PDF

Because the pressure in the pipeline at the time that the low temperature exists is low, the risk of fracture initiation and aa of a brittle fracture must be controlled, rather than ductile tearing fracture. Appropriate management actions may be required to minimize non-failure consequences.

Sensitive uses are defined in some jurisdictions, but include schools, hospitals, aged care facilities and prisons. Accessed by Fyfe Pty Ltd on 18 Oct Document currency not guaranteed when printed The MAOP of 285.1 pipeline is conditional on the integrity of the pipeline established by hydrostatic testing being maintained throughout the operating life and on the design assumptions used to derive the design pressure.


The most appropriate methodologies shall be used for each facility.

As 2885.1-2012 Design and Construction

It is important that readers assure themselves they are ae a current Standard, which should include any amendments that may have been published since the Standard was published. Except as provided in Clause 3. Please fill this form, we will ad to respond as soon as possible. Further guidance on design for a. ERW pipe shall have tests conducted upon the centre of the weld seam.

For the selected solution, the assessment shall demonstrate that the cost of the risk reduction measures provided by alternative solutions is grossly disproportionate to the benefit gained from the reduced risk that could result from implementing any of the alternatives. Mandatory requirements are specified for control of external interference threats which are known to be the most frequent events with the potential to create a failure.

The submerged class refers only to onshore pipelines designed to this Part. For new pipelines, or modifications to existing pipelines, the ss design and the safety management study are undertaken as integrated iterative processes.

Normally replaceable components e. This Standard is part of a series that covers high pressure petroleum pipelines, as follows: CIC classification includes pipelines within reserves or easements for roads, railways, powerlines, buried cables, or other pipelines. The temperature should consider both operating and transient conditions, including any temperature and pressure limits established by the isolation plan for pipeline depressurization and repressurization. Australian Standard AS The break should preferably be at or 2885.1 to the first valve off the pipeline on the side of the valve remote from the pipeline.