Judgment in Managerial Decision Making has ratings and 28 reviews. Monique said: Okay so another Graduate required reading book down and this one. But, with Judgment in Managerial Decision Making, you can learn how to overcome those biases to make better Making. by Max Bazerman and Don A. Moore. Find all the study resources for Judgment in Managerial Decision Making by Max H. Bazerman; Don A. Moore.

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Judgment in managerial decision making / Max H. Bazerman – Details – Trove

Also a bit scary. There is a lot of good information about management decision making but be aware it goes deep into the scientific side of decision making. It seems that most humans are no better. He also provides four strategies to overcome or, more precisely, work around these human limitations. All those artificial problems that researchers make the students solve don’t not shed light on the real decision-making which goes on and must I say quite contrary to this bias-lensed worldview goes on quite successfully in the world.

Find at Harvard Purchase.

Only a few chapters out of the book were used. Looks like you are currently in United States but have requested a page in the Egypt site. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you deicsion to read. The most practical guide to managerial decisions that I’ve ever read. Great book, very thought provoking, realy makes you think about what is actualy influencing the decisions that we make make each day.


From negotiation to investment decisions, the authors weave behavioral decision research into the organizational realm by examining judgment in a variety of managerial contexts. When viewed separately, most people favor action in the former and disapprove of action decsion the latter, despite identical consequences.

Judgment in Managerial Decision by Max H. Bazerman – PDF Drive

Our findings shed light on the formation of moral judgment under normative conflict, the conditions for preference reversal, and the potential polarization of moral judgment under joint evaluation. The text examines judgment in a variety of organizational contexts, an Is your decisiin influenced by personal biases? Important stuff that I hadn’t been exposed to previously.

I’m biased about bias research so it’s not surprising I didn’t like the book. HardcoverSixth Editionpages.

As textbooks go, this one’s pretty good. It covered cognitive biases clearly, with simple, compelling examples. Print Find at Harvard Purchase. But, with Judgment in Managerial Decision Makingyou can learn how to overcome those biases to make better managerial decisions.

Judgment in Managerial Decision Making

Jill Vaughn rated it liked it Aug 08, Bazerman, Max, and Don A. Technology and Operations Management. Aug 03, Steven P. This outlook on the province of decision-making the authors and their school of though does not contribute to the real life challenges.



However, the book only present you bazefman errors of human. Mar 17, Lorie rated it it was ok Shelves: Throughout, you’ll find numerous hands-on decision exercises and examples from the authors’ extensive executive training experience that will help you enhance the quality of your managerial judgment.

Books by Max H. Max’s research focuses bazetman decision making, negotiation, and ethics. BazermanDon A. Charlie Munger highly approves of this book for good reasons.

Judgment in Managerial Decision Making.pdf

A dry textbook; functions well as a catalogue of the most common cognitive biases, backed by reams of judgemenh. Is your judgment influenced by personal biases? I’m too biased and unable to control my inner self.

Well written, and with lots of rigorous research backing everything up which is often lacking in business textbooks.

Adrian Fanaca rated it really liked it Dec 12, The authors provide theories, examples and practical managerisl for understanding and changing personal decision-making biases and tendencies. In situations requiring careful judgment, we’re all influenced by our own biases to some extent. I read the book for a master’s program. He transformed the field of negotiation, and he transformed my career.

Really good book required in my Harvard’s class on decision-making.