By Bernice Rubens Published by Eyre & Spottiswoode Norman is the clever one of a close-knit Jewish family in the East End of London. Infant prodigy; brilliant. Despite the often grim subject matter of her books, Bernice Rubens wrote Her best-known novel, The Elected Member, explored loneliness. The Elected Member is a Booker Prize-winning novel by Welsh writer Bernice Rubens. Plot[edit]. The novel’s main character is Norman Zweck, who is addicted .

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She refused to take his money, not wanting to allow him to salve his conscience. Quickly, the two fall into a complicated affair against the ghostly backdrop of the ruined city.

Book: The Elected Member

In this novel, the person elected to that office is the brilliant son of the family, Norman Zweck. It was enriching and educating.

But on the day they were born their mother threw herself to her death, their au pair fled, and the village thrilled with whispers of dark-cloaked figures and a stolen baby.

She provides strong nursing support to Norman and Rabbi but she needs them constantly to serve as her source of sustenance. Want rubebs Read saving…. The Mookse and th Looking forward to discussing it in book club! You probably have to be immersed in Rabbi Zweck’s anxious wait for his doctor, Levy, to ring at his door to appreciate the hilarity of Norman’s overloud response: Infant prodigy; brilliant barrister; the apple of his parents’ eyes Close Help Entering your comments is easy to do.


Close Help Do you have a picture to add? As a little girl during the war, Anna watched an Englishman arrive at the house, seeking shelter from the Germans.

The Elected Member

Obviously Norman’s psychotic tale being more self centered than the others or is it? And the only boy Electfd, well Norman is going insane. Haunted by guilt and the hallucinations of floods of silverfish surrounding him, he cracks under the weight and spends the bulk of the book in an insane asylum. He was a brilliant lawyer but now he is locked up in the family home where he sees silverfish everywhere.

The Elected Member by Bernice Rubens

Our Authors See all Authors. Abacus Less Andrew Sean Greer. His oldest is stuck in perpetual childhood. Past actions, indiscretions, and tragic decisions haunt each of them, but none more than Norman.

Review: The Elected Member, by Bernice Rubens – Musings

Topics Books Books blog. Revealing the past incidents which contributed to the situation from time to time, the whole story is nicely fabricated. The Elected Member was one of the first Bookers I read the second book to win the prize, but I read a bit out of order in the beginningand it was interesting to turn to it after some of the others.

A bernide story about secrets, expectations, betrayal, family, loneliness, and madness. There came a moment, when, in the dross of lies, the truth, known to them both, had to be asserted, and for their own sanity, shared. This book is amazing on so many levels. The reader is taken through the depressing and exasperating experience of a Drug addict and his close family members.


She’s dead and doesn’t get to portray herself as the other characters do. Less is a novel about mishaps, misunderstandings and the depths of the human heart.

Despite the often grim subject matter of her books, Bernice Rubens wrote in an easy, humorous style in which bernicw realism jostled with wild, gothic exaggeration. It won the Booker Prize in The steadily and expertly built tension of Norman and his family’s struggle diffuses into a melodramatic and rather silly conclusion. Two English students, Ellie and James, set off to hitch-hike across Europe with no particular aim in mind but a continent, and themselves, to discover.

Rose Fell’s friends think she’s taking a big risk when she leaves the security of home and career to move to the beautiful but isolated village of Grosso, near Genoa.

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