BEVEL PROTRACTORS / Universal bevel protractor: Bevelprotractorsarenothingbutangularmeasuringinstruments. Typesofbevelprotractors. Experiment 5. AIM: Study and angular measurement of a given piece using bevel protractor. Study of dial indicator & its constructional details. A bevel protractor is a graduated circular protractor with one The bevel protractor is used to establish and test angles to very.

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However, inJake Adamson, a maths teacher working at Musselburgh Grammar School invented and patented the first two sided protractor trademarked “The Angler”. Articles needing additional references from August All articles needing additional references Articles needing expert attention with no reason or talk parameter Articles needing unspecified expert attention Articles needing expert attention from January All articles needing expert attention Wikipedia articles needing clarification from January Commons category link is on Wikidata.

Read off directly from the main scale the number of whole degrees between 0 on this scale and the 0 of the Vernier scale. Picture below illustrates a variety of uses of the bevel protractor. This is because, the dial is graduated from opposite zero marks to 90 degrees each way. Unfortunately, the two number experimen on a one-sided protractor often confuse learners when first learning to measure and draw angles.

Students are able to know how to measure and calculate the data by using statistics eperiment. Between part sample average prohractor when prtoractor types of part A,B,C etc. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. When the edges of the beam and blade are parallel, a small mark on the swivel plate coincides with experimeng zero line on the graduated dial.

Multiplying 3 by 5, the product, 15, is the number of minutes to be added to the whole number of degrees, thus indicating a setting of 28 degrees and 15 minutes. Enter the email address exxperiment signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Handbook of Dimensional Measurement. Read off directly from the main scale protarctor number of whole degrees between 0 on this scale and the 0 of the vernier scale.


Click here to sign up. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Protractod protractors measure angles in radians. This was a double sided protractor with one scale on each side, avoiding the confusion of having two scales together and enabling easier measuring and drawing of angles. To familiarize the student with the types applications of bevel vernier protractor and optical comparator. The bevel vernier protractor was lock iii. To obtain the measurement of the angle between the beam and the blade of over 90 degrees subtract the number of degrees as indicated on the dial from degrees.

To take angle measurements with a certain accuracy depending on the instrument being used. To understand the types of error in the measurement each type of instruments. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Protractors. We must measure the sample follows method to measure 3 times for each sample.

Vernier bevel protractor

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. The bevel protractor is used to establish and test angles to very close tolerances.

Dimensional instruments Mathematical tools Navigational equipment Technical drawing. A circle can be divided into equal angles. Measuring and alignment tools.


This article needs additional citations for verification. The bevel protractor consists of a beam, a graduated dial and a blade which is connected to a swivel plate with Vernier scale by thumb nut and clamp.

Each space on the vernier scale is 5 minutes expetiment than two spaces on the main scale. This article needs attention from an expert on the subject. Last week, we did experiment about angle measurement. Student practicing the handling of basic measuring equipments for angle measurement; sine plate, sine bar, angle Dekkor, tool microscope and optical comparator. After the experiment, we assigned to make a report from the data we collect last week. The data was recorded. A gon protractor marked in gradians.

Vernier bevel protractor

Thus, the difference between the space occupied by two degrees on a main scale and the space of the vernier scale is equal to one twenty fourth of two degrees or one twelfth of one degree or prottactor minutes. Then count, in the same direction, the number of spaces from the zero on the vernier scale to a line that coincides with a line on the main scale; multiply this number by 5 and the product will be the number of minutes to be added to the whole number of degrees.


The table is calibration form to find any error in measuring the samples. Protractors have traditionally been one-sided. From the error we use to search perfectness, that we must using in industrial job.

Demonstrate the proper method in using and taking care of the instrument.

Protractor – Wikipedia

A bevel protractor is a graduated circular protractor with one pivoted arm; used for measuring or marking off angles. HB Horizontal Optical Comparator. It has wide application in architectural and mechanical drawing, although its use is decreasing with the availability of modern drawing software or CAD.

Universal bevel protractors are also used by toolmakers; as they measure angles by mechanical edperiment they are classed as mechanical protractors. The perfect measurement system only the correct measurement and its having statistical property of zero variance, zero bias, and zero chances of misclassification of product protrqctor.

In this lab each student must practice the method using instrument tool and know the measure reading technics for each instrument tool used.

Views Read Edit View history. The readings can be taken either to the right or to the left, according to the direction in which the zero on the main scale is moved.

The bevel protractor is used to establish and test angles to very close tolerances.