Below you can view and/or download the English PDF manual of your Reef One biOrb Aquarium. Couldn’t find the manual that you were looking for? Please try. I can never find the bloody instructions for the light on our Biorb fish tank and it’s not the most intuitive piece of equipment I’ve ever used so I thought I’d stick the. Fish Keeping. Also as an aquarium – the biOrb comes with everything you need to create a healthy home for fish. Inspired by nature. Designer Samuel Baker.

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Your email address will not be published. What are the water preparation chemicals? Hi 1 flash gives you 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of moonlight. The pump for water circulation runs with low voltage and is compatible with the biOrb transformer.

Initial Set Up of your Biorb Fish Tank

However, if you do have any questions do not hesitate to call us at Also, keep in mind that you should avoid hot areas and direct sunlight bioeb decrease your chances instructionns getting algae build up.

If there is always lots of debris you may be overfeeding, overstocked or not carrying out maintenance often enough.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Framed Aquarium Framed Aquarium Innovative decorative aquarium with coloured frames. Simply plug the unit in and a light cycle of both sun and moonlight starts automatically!

Biorb Intelligent LED Light – Infinitely Pointless

What is the difference in lighting between 1 flash and 3 flashes? Enjoy a much longer life so no more new bulbs or tubes to buy! Why do partial water changes? Nutrients insstructions up in the aquarium over time these affect water quality, encouraging algae and poor fish health. After cleaning you may find that more condensation and bubbles appear than usual, particularly around the top of the bowl.


Items in your Cart: Fish Keeping Also as an aquarium — the biOrb comes with everything you need to create a healthy home for fish. Lastly, you need to decide what foundation you are going to use for the tank; whether that be a table, a desk, or even a BiOrb Acrylic Stand. We advise that you do not add fish in the tank for 24 hours.

We suggest that you add the Stress Zyme beneficial bacteria liquid and the Stress Coat water conditioner to the water before you pour the water into the tank.

MCR Light 16 different-coloured looks that can be remote-controlled, and four time-cycle options.

Initial Set Up for Your BiOrb Fish Tank | Everything Biorb Blog – Articles, Video’s, & How To’s

This tells you how to choose a different colour if you have the right light unit installed. The life of the carbon and resins in the filter cartridge is limited so the filter cartridge must be replaced at least every 8 weeks. However, take care not to disturb the water inside the aquarium too much.

This is quite normal, a big change in the aquarium has occurred and it can take a few days to return to normal. Overfeeding, overstocking or messy fish may put extra demands on the filter, in these cases cleaning may need to be carried out more frequently.

Other helpful equipment include a 10 litre bucket for preparing water, 10 litre bucket for the dirty water and a cleaner pump. The rest will settle in the filter over a day or two. The BiOrb fish tank is simple to set up and simple to maintain. If the ceramic media is very dirty this can be scrubbed with a clean nail brush in water taken from the aquarium.


The pump for water circulation runs with low voltage and is compatible with the biOrb transformer.

I understand the cycles and flashes now thanks to this post but mine also has a brain new remote control that does not work at all with the lights. Classic LED accessory – download now.

Biorb Intelligent LED Light

In this mode, daylight will stay on for a further 8 hours. However, you can add them after if that suits you better. You can also hold the button for 1 flash to start the standard cycle at that instrucyions.

Other things the Biorb Intelligent LED Light can do when the bubble button is held down for… Hold — to delay 24 hour cycle 1x flash — Normal 24 hour light cycle will start from this time of day 2 x flash — Daylight is turned off for 2 hours and then resumes previous cycle blue LED is not affected by this and will remain on.

The second sachet contains filter bacteria in liquid form to top up the aquarium. Those may include any BiOrb OrnamentsBiOrb Plants or any other decorations to make your tank as aesthetically pleasing as possible.

Thanks for instructions, I must try it again tomorrow, now it just flashes blue…: So that cleaning is an easy matter, simple mechanism for changing.