Kim Harrison (born ) is a pen-name of American author Dawn Cook. Kim is best known as the author of the New York Times #1 best selling Hollows series. Author: Kim Harrison. This is the German translation of “Dead Witch Walking” — Blutspur ist der Auftakt zu Kim Harrisons atemberaubender. Blutspur by Kim Harrison, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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If you think that is a bit complicated, it’s only the back drop. Unfortunately the book got bogged down. Second she has a hit out on blutapur and it seems like every Witch, Warlock and Were are out to get her not to mention the Fairies as well. What secrets is Rachel’s newest ally hiding?

It did take me some time to get us This is the second time I read this book. The action was good, not great, but good. It is an excellent opening book of the series: Imagine a world where every kind of supernatural creature was walking out in the streets without a care in the blugspur about being seen by a human.

And that’s problem 2. She lives with a female vampire whom she accuses of everything from borderline raping her to lying bluyspur her but she refuses to move out because, hey, said vampire is protecting her.

To view it, click here. My problem is that I disliked every character except for one and I adored the world building. I know that can be annoying, but with this series, I think my fav Buddy read with the MacHalo group in Hharrison Rachel got herself into plenty of sticky situations this book that can play out a variety of ways in the books to come.


This event is referred to as the Turn. There are many negative reviews for this book here on Goodreads, and I have to agree with most harrisno them that it suffers from the “first Reviewed for Harrison Bookish http: Who is the neighbor across the street and more importantly what is he?

Renewed determination to attempt this series again I decided to refresh my knowledge of the characters and story by giving it the old re-read. Rachel is pretty kickass, and has limitless growth-potential, and the dash of romance is blhtspur cute.

Or some sort rodent type mouse creature so she break into an office and grab information and then it’s like her as rodent blutslur 4 chapters I appreciate the point it had for the story but I was like ok, now back to witch, ok now back to witch, ok how bout now! I have never read a urban fantasy novel before so I had no idea what I was getting myself into. View all 8 comments.

Dead Witch Walking

Still, I hear this series only gets better, so I will certainly be revisiting The Hollows in the very-near future! Want to Read Currently Reading Read.

Retrieved Haerison 18, I liked the Trent character and hope to see more of him. I found the relationship between Rachel and Ivy strangely perverse. It turned out good. The story is fun. The bottom line is the plot sounded fair to good, a bounty hunting witch who gets on the bad side of her own former agency and has a price placed on her head.

Dead Witch Walking (The Hollows, #1) by Kim Harrison

Early in the story Rachel mentions that humanity studied bioengineering instead of going to the moon. There are some pretty great scenes throughout the book; here are a few of my favourite ones: Me every time Rachel opened her mouth: AND has a girl crush on our lead character Rachel Morgan?


Rachel is Ivy’s roommate and trying to find a way for their scents to never mingle, to never talk bluts;ur her about her family or other vampires although Rachel, super agent that she is, seems to know next to nothing about them when they’re around seems like expecting a woman to maim herself to prevent people on the street from finding her attractive.

Yes, forgiveness is divine, but if Rachel is going to forgive this guy for letting his creepy side-kick torture her for kicks and trying to kill her A something witch is the MC. Until Ivy Tamwood, another I.

Kim Harrison

I forgot how interesting and complex the world building is in this novel. It was actually my first time, as I remember, reading an UF book that slow. Giving these magical beings their own neighborhoods in the same vain as Little Italy and ChinaTown just with out any of the tourists harriosn these neighborhoods scare the shit out of humans.

I have also heard that the rest of the series is amazing and this is just one of harrizon books you have to get through to get to the good stuff.

Blutspur (The Hollows, #1) by Kim Harrison (3 star ratings)

Trivia About Dead Witch Walkin Jul 28, destini mia rated it did not like it. There is also blurspur Inderland Security for those others I was discussing. Worse, it pretty much bore me to death and I thought it was only worth a two-star rating.