If you’re trying to convert AZW4 to PDF drm or non-DRM, this guide may help you, then you can read your kindle azw4 files Mac OS, Kindle for Mac or Calibre. If you’re trying to convert AZW4 files to EPUB and want to read them on your iPad, Nook or Kobo, this guide can help you. Calibre Plugins supports to remove DRM from Kindle azw4, but it’s really difficult and bothering to remove DRM with Calibre. Why? Because it.

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Then drag your azw4 books from the left to the right area.

Remove DRM from AZW4

Download books to your computer is also a preparation before the azw4 to pdf conversion. If you understand kindle books very much you may recognize the importance and necessity to convert azw4 to pdf for more convenient reading. All the drm will be removed just with 1 click.

Just transfer converted files to your devices, OK. It’s a new format for Amazon and is proprietary Kindle format specifically aimed for textbooks.

Believe me you will get your problems resolved if you met a similar situation. Download Kindle Books to your computer. Several methods are listed below to help you solve this problem quickly. Just download the tool and operate as what I’ve written down.


Not compatible with Windows 10, receives “network error”. You can see the word “decrypted”. This format is also known as “Print Replica”. How magic it is! This method works, however, many photos are removed and words are present instead of images which throws the readers off.

What’s more, it also can convert azw4 to pdf mac and azw4 to epub, too.

How to Convert AZW4 to PDF

After opening Calibre, you need to click the top right corner region, and select “Advanced”-“Plugins” button. Ada Wang works for Epubor and writes articles for a collection of blogs such as ebookconverter. Hi MikeP, If you want us to help you, you can send the decrypted. If you have some other smart devices and want to read ebook on these devices, however, aw4 don’t support Kindle Books.

Load these two components in Calibre. Click “Add” button on the top left conner to select the files you want to convert.

How to Convert AZW4 to EPUB

As the default output format is EPUB, you only need to click “Convert ” button to convert the format. If all the settings are successful, below position will display the installed Calibre Plugin. After you download and install this DRM removal, you can immediately open and run this program.

When the conversion completed, you will see “Succeeded” at the end of the Book title. Now, you can transfer your EPUB books to your device and enjoy them freely.


How to Convert AZW4 to EPUB

Because it relies on other components, when you download this plugin, you need to download and install Python 2. Please put them in your Kindle Paperwhite’s “Documents” xalibre, not just drop them on the drive itself.

IF reading a textbook, the images will help students visually on what their studying, converting these azw4 files removes it.

In order to transfer your books and share good books with your friends, it’s a wise action to get your books’ azw4 DRM removed. If you have installed Calibre and expect to use Calibre to manage your ebook library. With the DRM restriction, caliibre can have the fo that the books really belong to you. Once the AZW4 books has been decrypted, when you check out the output folder, you will not see the book title with the extension. You may have tried copying azw4 to your KPW but failed.