Application guidelines. Maneurop® reciprocating compressors. MT / MTZ. 50 – 60 Hz – R22 – RA – RA/C/F – Ra. Danfoss Commercial Compressors Online Datasheet Generator . instalación y aplicación de para compresores Maneurop MT, MTZ y LTZ. Guías de Aplicación . 5 Danfoss does not authorise the use of hydrocarbons in Maneurop® MT/MTZ The Maneurop® MT compressor is de-.

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The code numbers for the mounting accessories catalofo specified in the individualcompressor datasheets. Tambien se me ocurrio lo siguiente: Anti-freeze agents must not be used in the compressors as such agents are damaging toseveral of the materials used. The system components must not contain mineral oil or greasy substances.

The refrigerant charge must never be too large to be contained on the condenser side of therefrigeration system. No attempt must be made to start the compressor without a complete starting device.

Ctaalogo a certain period 2 different codes, in needle printing and cover stamping, will be used inparallel.

El controlador de temperatura seria un STC As shown in the drawings the following designs of startingdevices exist: Saludo y muy util la explicacion dada. On some compressorproduction lines the stamping has been changed to needle printing into the side of the housing.

The most important performance controls carried out during manufacturing are, A high potential insulation test with V for 1 second Pumping capacity Tightness of discharge side and discharge valve Tightness of compressor housing Check co,presores the right oil charge Noise testThe compressors are supplied with sealed connectors and the sealing should not be removedbefore the system assembly takes place max 15 minutes with open connectors.


Recomendaciones Para Despresurizacion de Compresores Documents. This label has a blue stripe and thetext Ra. The compressor must never beplaced upside down when comppresores the rubber grommets in the baseplate. MBP F 54,4 C 2. The compressor designations are built up according to the following system: Example recent date code: If the same vacuum pump is to be used for R12 and Ra systems, a special Ester oil mustbe used in agreement with the pump supplier.

Aceites Para Compresores Carlyle Documents. Compressors with denominations ending with FX are F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures with HST starting characteristics expansion valve.

¿Cómo Calcular el HP de Compresor de Nevera? | solucionado

In particular, the ethyl or methyl alcohol contents of such anti-freeze agents have a destructive effect on the synthetic motor insulation. The windingtemperature must not exceed F C. Performer Compresores scroll Sencillos, 20 a kW 50 – 60 Hzweb.

The refrigerant amount may be critical as regards oil foaming and liquid hammer after longstandstill periods. Se – Juan Luis. Compresores Danfoss Para a Download Report. Compressors with denominations ending with FK cztalogo F-types designed for low evaporationtemperatures with LST starting characteristics capillary tube. Hola, la idea es que tenga una puerta vertical, y una pared que enfrie.

At stable operation conditions the condensing temperature must not exceed F 60C. Published on Dec View Download 5.


The recommandations must be regarded as a guideline only as they presuppose a properdimensioning of the refrigeration system. Soldering problems caused by oil in the connectors can be avoided by placing the compressoron its baseplate some time before soldering it into the system.

Cagalogo compressors are supplied charged with dried and degassed oil, which is normally sufficientfor the lifetime of the compressor.

ECL Comfort 210

The compressors can be supplied with the following motor systems: The coding is designed not to be mixed up with the previous version. This starting device requires no pressure-equalization beforeeach start and is normally used in refrigerating systems with expansion valve as throttlingdevice or in capillary tube systems where pressure equalizing is not obtained during the compersores.

The same evacuation procedure as for R12 systems must be used. Electricalcomponents are packed in separate boxes.

Only the refrigerant amount which is necessary for the system to functionmust be charged. HBP F 54,4 C 2. The product range is applied in air conditioningunits, water chillers and commercial refrigeration systems. La marca es Tecumseh. In order to protect the compressor against overload, the compressor has to start danfkss workproperly through pressure peaks obtained in the highest ambient temperature and lowest obligingvoltage.