Buy a cheap copy of Innocents book by Cathy Coote. Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of. Innocents – Cathy Coote. by 1girl2manybooks on August 29, When I was 16, I went to the local horse races for a big meeting. My best friend in high school . All about Innocents by Cathy Coote. LibraryThing is a cataloging and social networking site for booklovers.

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This story is not for everyone, and I believe many people will have difficulty identifying with the characters, given their eccentricities. I did get a bit annoyed by the teacher’s constant blushing; he seemed a bit too fey at times. The unnamed narrator of the story- or as I call innocfnts modern Lolita-managed to take the reader on a dark and twisted journey throughout the book. Her uncle she’s orphaned, imagine that finds her sketch book, casts her aside, forcing her to conveniently skip off to move in with the bookish teacher that lives a block or so over.

Become a LibraryThing Author. Feb 02, cyb0rgirl rated it it was cooet. Overall,innocents is not just a story. Also, the transition of point of views wasn’t established very well. Please read at your own risk. I think the sex scenes really make the meat of the book, since the most character development happens within them. Cathy Coote tried to describe the insides and horrors of being a pedophile.

Two deus ex machina are used at the beginning, including a dying cat, to push the lovers together, which I thought was a bit chintzy, but hey, Milan Kundera has resorted to the same thing and gotten away with it. We try to respond to every single one and to comment back on your blog, if you have ibnocents.


The sexuality and vulgerness was definitely a tough obstacle for me to get over while reading it, but as I kept reading, I saw past it.

And he was horrified. I was looking for this book everywhere.

Innocents is basically one long sex scene interrupted by brief periods of rest. Instead, their one-time fallout lasts for two or so pages before the relationship is rebuilt.

The whole question of consent that this apparently brought up really was nix for me. Popular covers see all 6 covers. Nov 30, Tamara rated it really liked it. Who knew that innocence is a great weapon when it comes to the game of sex and desire? I’m not trying to be shitty when I say anything about her personally, but I can just see a young girl writing this and thinking that she has DONE IT, that this book is a masterpiece.

Lolita, bless her, was a little girl with her chest puffed up big and brave, but she was so broken from the start.


Coots was 19 when she wrote the manuscript, and it shows. It was a novel about seduction,manipulation,lies,skilled acting,addiction,destruction and what sexual desire can innocenrs to people. I think she focused more on the materialized emotions instead of what truly her characters are feeling. The book is written as a letter. Paperbackpages. I’m not some people.

But it doesn’t save the book. It’s written in her point of view, its a letter from her to him and she goes over how she played him every step of the way, not used, but used her body and her moves and how she planned and acted almost every part of w This is a VERY sexual book. With newly awakened sexual powers, she casts a spell over her defenseless unnamed teacher.

The book is written in the form of a letter that the girl cthy writing to her ex-lover to explain her side of things.

Innocents by Cathy Coote

This was one of the things I disliked SO much about this book … the constant “praise” the narrator she is never named, which I literally only just realized … I’m smart shed on herself for being so cunning and so twisted and so deliciously removed and evil, while he’s basically just ejaculating geysers at the sight of her.


But it felt like it all got so boring after that. You can pick it out pretty early on in it, through subtle hints. This is a story and it is a game. Jan 05, Amy rated it it was amazing. Once the book gets into their relationship, it starts to taper off into less fathomable circumstances.

Mar 31, Emma Louise rated it did not like it Shelves: Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of an obsession, the debut of a precociously assured and provocative young literary voice.

I viewed the relationship itself as a ticking time bomb. That was interesting for me. Balkan Ghosts, by Robert Kaplan Books: She opened Pandora’s box.

Cathy Coote is an Australian author who was born in But when the perpetrator is a sixteen-year-old schoolgirl, is she Written when Cathy Coote was nineteen, Innocents is a taut, wickedly clever descent into the anatomy of an obsession, the debut of a precociously assured and provocative young literary voice.

Jul 09, Kirsten rated it did not like it Shelves: There are some relationships that just shouldn’t work. View all 4 comments. But this forme Holy shit! It seemed I learned to think in order to fantasise. It’s a very literary book. It bored me and I was not scandalized or titillated.

Jul 14, Meha rated it it was amazing.