RAVENING HORDES – CHAOS DWARFS. The new Orc & Goblins Armies book completely replaces the list in Ravening Hordes. However, dedicated Orc. /08/09 Subject: 8th Edition Chaos Dwarfs errata (ravening hordes) . [Up]. Grimstonefire Something we made over at Chaos Dwarfs Online. Ravening Hordes: Dwarfs out now! Updated 4/1 with . Perhaps the same as the Chaos Dwarf Tendirizer except only on the charge. Delete.

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Thunderers and Quarrellers lose their heavy armour? Anonymous 31 March at The Diestro and War Dancers are currently missing their automatic rule.

More runes from previous editions are likely to be added in the full book release. Hence I’m not planning on giving them any sort of cavalry. I just have two more suggestions: Anyway, I’ll humor you.

The 9th ed version will have both Elves and Dwarfs at medium armour though. Making infantry characters a bit sturdier was it’s main selling point Dwarf handgun added, ignores penalties at long range.

Ravening Hordes – Chaos Dwarfs

Curin’s Cataphracts are no canon. Rangers moved to Special, can skirmish. Posted by Mathias Eliasson hlrdes It gives the army mobility, something sorely lacking, without getting too far off ground in a scary airborn monstrosity.

This is turn means that they won’t lose combat by anywhere near as much they used to, although I will concede that it is unusual for chsos elite tarpit unit not to have any improvement in Ld over the army’s core units. In my opinion, Dwarf rangers should have BS 4. Giving the boost to Dwarf handguns just keep things simple. As for the magic item allowance, many runes are cheaper now, and I’ve given the Dwarfs better dispel bonuses to offset their lack of offensive magic.


You may not have more units of Longbeards than Warriors.

Ravening Hordes

Phillip 6 November at Good work but I found some more bugs. Newer Post Older Post Home. Mathias Eliasson 3 April at In addition, the Dwarf-Crafted rule doesn’t work in 9th edition so I would suggest replacing Dwarf Handguns with regular Handguns in 9th edition dwarcs replacing Crossbows with Dwarf Crossbows in 8th edition.

KDMorris78 30 March at A bit later than planned, blame Easter and my girlfriend but don’t tell her that! Hi Mathias, The Lord is missing stats for the Shieldbearers. Hi, do you have any mini allied lists? Unfortunately the current menu bar simply do not have the space to fit all the current headers, hence the Ravening Hordes lists will be posted here until further notice. daarfs


Or the other way around, currently RAW the FPGA only helps when the Irondrakes are in a building and it won’t even help against the Lore of Fire since that lore doesn’t specify its spells as not having a physical component unless I’m missing something.

Great work so far! And their flyers are not considered “elite”, they are considered to be insane This is a summary page of all current Ravening Hordes, until such a time where I can implement a proper sub-level dropdown menu. Leopold Slany 3 April at Dwarf-crafted special rule removed, did not make a lot of sense to begin with since the penalty for Stand and Fire is due to the enemy barring down on you at full speed, not because your weapon is superior.


Looked at the Wood elf 9th ed ravening hordes. Why would the dwarfs make a mechanical goat to rough terrain?

Doubtful, there’s not really any existing background for it, only mentions of lizardmen. Anonymous 30 March at Flame Cannon has a range of 12″ rather than an unnecessary special rule. Also, thanks for the answer!

The Goblin-hewer is a RoR, hence it’s in that book instead. Silver Wolf 5 July at Darkshards on the other hand have plate chest armour, a chainmail skirt beneath, metal vambraces and an semi-closed helmet.

I could definitely see a place for a MI golem unit similar to eldar wraithguard, being possessed by the spirits of dead dwarfs. You can include it in your Dwarf army using the For Hire table in the Downloads section.

Thing is though, that the Elven models have a lot more armour compared to the Dwarfs. Can’t argue with thatyour doing a brilliant job, i’ll just have to bite the bullet horses write my own. The way watcher special rule refers to a special rule from the rulebook I think you have removed, stand and and fire.

M-Segato 19 November at All Dwarf units have always had Ld9 in the past. High Flyer would then also say that the Thunderbarge cannot charge.