Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding. Retribution Falls book cover. logo logo. Rating / One of the best Steampunk novels. Review: Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding What makes it exceptional is the psychological insight rare in fast-paced, adventure SF, says Eric. Sky piracy is a bit out of Darian Frey’s league. Fate has not been kind to the captain of the airship Ketty Jay—or his motley crew. They are.

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Great worldbuilding, and surprisingly multi-faceted characters who seemed to be archetypes, but proved to be much more. When i read Dragonlance, Young Indiana Jones, and other medieval adventures. There were some daring adventures and humor but also some very personal losses and moments of introspection.

It was a fun ride to get there too. The story is very much character-driven, but definitely not at the expense of the plot.

You’ll thoroughly enjoy this book. It wasn’t meant to end up this way. Everyone on woodint boat had their own stories and reasons for riding with the rest of the crew that helped the plot to become a very in depth read.

Airships, misadventures, and steampunk overtones. And even though I came to expect a certain sloppiness from you over the years-late delivery, cargo that wasn’t quite what you promised, that sort of thing-you never flat-out screwed me. Also the author felt the need to explain to the reader how each cha There was a lot to like in this book.

This crew fights criminals and schemers, Alliance security forces, the utterly psychotic and brutal Reavers, and the mysterious men from the The Blue Sun Corporation. Clarke Award Nominee Kind of bott Pure fun; and do not be fooled by the pulp-like presentation of the novel with chapters with headings a la Jules Verne, since the novel is thoroughly modern in tone and content, partly ironic, partly serious.


As I said above I had lot of fun with it and I’m continuing with the series in woodong future. I’ll get this out of the way. When I did finally have some time over this holiday weekend to read, instead of reading pages like I had planned, I ended up reading nearly half the book in one sitting.

I’ve seen some comparisons to the show Firefly but never having watched it myself I can’t make comment on that. Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Well, I hadn’t seen it, but as the book developed, it sounded more and more like a TV episode. Frey and crew soon find themselves on the run, pursued by both the Century Knights and a fearsome bounty hunter named Trinica Dracken aboard her heavily armed warship the Delirium Trigger.

Retribution Falls (Tales of the Ketty Jay): Chris Wooding: : Books

He was resisting; Crake could see it on his face. First read through, have to say it was very good.

It’s really not though. A new crew member joins and gives us the outside view, also not a new idea.

Retribution Falls by Chris Wooding book review

All the players are flawed, I thought the captain most of all, but all those flaws make them unpredictable and human. This was supposed to be fast-paced action. He was squat and grizzled, hair and skin greasy with a sheen of sweat and grime, features squashed across a face that was broad and deeply lined. Customers who bought this item also bought. eetribution

Retribution Falls

Get to Know Us. Crake watched him slide the bullet into the empty drum of his revolver. Withoutabox Submit to Film Festivals. But then Macarde noticed something. Firefly was the show about the crew members of the ship, Serenity.

He is a gutless, worthless, useless coward. This book is like that. All of them have things in their past they’d like to keep there. It was complex, intriguing, and ultimately very enjoyable. I just found it to be an entertaining read and I’m certainly up for another Ketty Jay adventure. A gun against the fwlls of one of the people in question makes a very convincing argument for cooperation; all in all, not a very good beginning for the captain and people that ended up on his ship.


There’s some complicated politicking in the background, and that’s where I got a little lost, but I think the plot hangs together in the context of the setting. Full praise for this book from me. As stated in the blurb, the main character of this novel is Darian Frey, the captain of the airship Ketty Jay, leader of a small and highly dysfunctional band of layabouts, or as the author calls them, a group of sarcastic, cynical, wisecracking liars. More like personal choices. How much fun would that be and what story would there be left to tell?

Frey and the dysfunctional crew seem to go from one scrape to the next in an everlasting series of chases. The comedy is spot cgris, and surprisingly placed, among the serious parts.

The other two thugs stood in the shadows: He’s also good for a joke or two which make me chuckle a lot: Harkins is basically the opposite of Pinn, He’s older and he actually did fight in the wars and therefore he’s now a quivering wreck who’s terrified of any sort of conflict with any one.