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Comparators; Encoders and decoders; Code Converters; Multiplexers and demultiplexers. Canonical representations; Function minimization; Karnaugh maps. Describe digital systems through combinatorial Boolean algebraic expressions, truth tables, and schematics.

Universidade da Beira Interior

The program contents are presented in the theoretical lectures. Convert numbers between different base numbering, such as decimal, binary, hexadecimal and octal. Logic and Computer Design Fundamentals – M.

The concentration will be on the control circuits and devices electronic, electromechanical, pneumatic or hydraulic needed to actuate the overall system with the stress on binary control. Mechatronics, electronic control systems in mechanical engineering. In the laboratory lectures the students have to vircuitos several laboratory works with industrial equipment, namely with Programmable Logic Controllers, industrial sensors, pneumatic and hydraulic equipment.


Project and analysis of pneumatic systems: Production and distribution of compressed air: The main objective is the study of the automation of mechanical industrial production systems. Apply methodology for synthesis of combinational circuits. Basic knowledge of electricity, instrumentation and programming languages. Circuitos digitais e Microprocessadores, McGrawhill. The lectures are classes where exposure promotes discussion of topics, allowing emphasizing different aspects at conceptual and technological levels.

Newly Available Titles (Archive: February, 2015)

Principles and Practice – John F. Apply techniques for expeditious design of counters.

David Irwin, Bill D. Ladder, Grafcet, Instruction List.

Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The laboratory classes allow integration of different emphasis on several aspects, such as problem solving, the use of computational tools for simulation and synthesis of digital systems, and physical experimentation by implementing digital circuits using discrete elementary circuitry as well as programmable logic devices.

The student should acquire knowledge: A theoretical component written examination and a practical component several laboratory works.


Programmable logic controllers, principles and applications. Hydraulic actuators linear and rotary: General considerations about the elaboration of PLC programs. Pumps, accumulators, pressure multipliers. Apply methodology for synthesis of synchronous state machines, starting from state diagrams. Analyze methods of modular decomposition of combinational circuits, including circuits for binary arithmetic.

The evaluation have two main components: Characteristics of the fluids used on oil-hydraulics. State diagrams; Moore and Mealy circuits; Synthesis. Project and analysis of hydraulic systems: The final classification is given by the formula: