Crowds and Power [Elias Canetti, Carol Stewart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Crowds and Power is a revolutionary work in which . CROWDS AND POWER by. ELIAS CANETTI. Translated from the German by. Carol Stewart. NEW YORK. THE VIKING PRESS. I evident when Canetti cannot avoid referring to Freud’s Schreber case, but resorts to destructive power of crowds has never been explained; he fails to mention.

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Of, in Canetti’s hamerende woorden: View all 21 comments. Canetti draws a parallel between ruling and paranoia. Orders are handed out without people suspecting that they are simultaneously receiving a death threat. Crowds and Power is a refreshing look at how human beings act in groups.

You are canett using your WordPress. Because this is what annoys me to no end about books and people in general, when they present their obviously biased and very subjective opinions as the absolute truth emitted by the other worldy authority that they believe they are.

My favorite being that concerning fire. En zo tot een monument wordt snd een wijze van denken die aan de rigiditeit van macht drowds bevel ontsnapt.

Prototypical of an institutionalised crowd is religion.

Mar 18, Mark Johnson rated it it was amazing. En in elk bevel, ook zin zijn meest gedomesticeerde en milde vorm, is volgens Canetti nog de oervorm en biologische grond voelbaar waaruit het bevel ontstond: Jul 06, Andrew added it Shelves: Throughout the conversation, it is clear that both Adorno and Canetti are trying to both piece together myths and ideologies from the past only to re-evaluate them and deconstruct them with critical objective and subjective reason.

En hij maakt daarmee ervaringsintensiteiten voelbaar of zichtbaar die je in een conventionele wetenschappelijke of beschouwelijke tekst niet zult zien. How do we see this paradox of the self-preserving individual reverting to his herd-like mass mentality in relation to Nazism? His definition of the ‘increase crowd’ which is crystallised around an associated ‘increase pack’ is not an irrelevant way to view modern corporate organisations.

Maar deze zinnen maken door de kracht van hun formulering wel de irrationele intensiteit van deze oerangst fraai voelbaar. Others are less apparent but of very practical historical import. Dec 21, Manny rated it liked it Shelves: Though confusing at times–though his conclusions often require tremendous leaps of faith–and in spite of the hordes of implicit arguments the reader must tweeze from the haystack, the book is quite profound.


Volgens mij kun je niet volhouden dat Canetti in “Massa en Macht” de fenomenen “massa” en “macht” op wetenschappelijke wijze heeft geanalyseerd en ontleed.

Maar crowdd, in meer gedomesticeerde vorm, van diverse veel beschaafde leiders nu. The Attributes of the Ccrowds. One of Canetti’s principal explicatory methods is to describe custom and ritual amongst the modern remnant of hunting-gathering mankind – Australian aborigines and certain tribes of Southern Africa, for example – as well as using mystic religious ceremonial for illustrative purposes a violent incident from an Islamic pilgrimage to Mecca providing an especially tense and powerful moment.

Geweldige zinnen, naar mijn smaak. In their individuals inwardness, in their emotional life people seem to revert to an archaic stage in which these internalized categories have such a corporal significance that they become fully identified with them.

A deductive study of the human psyche within all of us. All are essentially based about d the tic of crowds of humans mainly and the power associated with them. Here, Canetti considers the human tendency to gather into groups, packs, herds and large crowds. Het is duidelijk, ik ga meteen meer lezen van hem! Interesting view of the behavior of crowds and leaders and how they interact and grow. This is one of my favorite books of all time — perhaps even more so in recent years, with the West finally learning how to become a crowd once again.

Apr 14, Sunny rated it it was amazing Shelves: The Resentment of the Dead. This is a truly fascinating and perspective-altering examination of the phenomenon of crowds, and the power formations out of which various crowd configurations evolved, developed from a literary-mythological-psychological perspective.

Crowds and Power

The first three packs are all elements of archaic survival and no longer apply to the modern world we no longer have to hunt, we no longer have to ritualize each death. Account Options Sign in. There is no introduction and the structure of the book is very loosely held together. The best insights can sometimes come from meandering pathways. A person loses his fear of being touched only when packed in a crowd, and at this moment his fear of being touched reverses itself into its opposite.


Elias brings in a whole range of topics such as panic, rhythm, crowds of people and their types, the dead, hunting packs, native Indians, religious wars, Islam, Christianity, Judaism, Muharram, European nationalities, the destruction of the Xhosas, monkeys, epidemics, questions, c I thought this was amazing. Most are institutionalised, or ‘closed’, crowds, the primary issue of which is to prevent them becoming anything like a mob, which is ‘open’.

Crowds and Power by Elias Canetti

Dit boek geeft ongehoord originele en inspirerende inzichten in de fenomenen massa en macht, en de inzichten in macht en bevel zijn naar mijn smaak zelfs snijdend en verontrustend. En nog adembenemender schrijft hij over talloos verschillende vormen van macht, en over de biologische oervormen van het bevel.

Goes deeper and wider than Hoffer’s “True Believer. Canett 02, Rich rated it it was amazing.

Canetti’s final chapters on the use of power within crowds, to manipulate and lead them, are less satisfactory than his analysis of, as it were, naked crowd dynamics. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Given its date of publicationCrowds and Power is a rather sophisticated appreciation of organisation compared with the puerile discussions of such topics as ‘Authority Structure’ and ‘Line vs. En dat juist de grotesk uitvergrote waanbeelden van geesteszieken ons veel kunnen leren over de pre-logische aspecten van onze waanzinnige wereld.

Canetti, Elias + Theodor Adorno: Crowds and Power | Introducing the Frankfurt School

Canetti’s world is one composed of human groups rather than words, but his achievement is to describe these groups and their dynamics as had never been done before. There comes a moment when “all who belong to the crowd get rid canettti their difference and feel equal. Overstatements, stereotypes, all-too-tidy categories, and strained associations abound, yet the more one approaches the book as literature and less as a scientific cnaetti the more one can appreciate the insights throughout.

Parliamentary crowds are only possible because the losers in democratic election are not killed or physically harmed. It feels cumbersome because of the vast logic he employs to outline his theories.