Since , Cusick’s Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet has been an attractive, time tested resource for up-to-date anesthesia related information on. Information for this sheet is obtained using the latest research articles and textbooks (see bibliography). It contains important Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet – Details. The sheet Learn about the author Dr. Jeffrey Cusick, MD. Invaluable anesthesia reference sheets that provide quick and accurate information, when you need it, Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet $

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The info by fax is no longer available and was replaced by the website. Joe Answine from the Eisai company and recent studies for information about unadvertised doses for induction and infusions. Fast onset with shee duration. Occasionally packages get lost in the US mail, shipping address is incorrect, or address labels are destroyed.

Note added to Pediatric Code Defibrillation dose to repeat after each medication. Prior order page available for greater quantity discounts. I process orders in batches once a week so your delivery time may vary. PayPal transactions simplified with the addition of a “Shopping Cart”. It was taken off the market by Merck and is no longer available. Changed sheet name to August 08, v Only the algorithms changed, specifically timing of CPR and defibrillation.


Updated almost daily during my anesthesiology residency at Wilford Hall Medical Center. The increased price also helped me justify still producing the mini sheet for now. April 07, v I left vasopressin dosing on the sheet although it is no longer included. June 27, v November 8, v Larger, thicker 5 mil lamination should increase durability.

Fixed typo for fospropofol.

Drug set up, Autonomics Recall, and Drug Reference Sheet

If all goes well, it will be a revolutionary new drug! Updated website with a new order process with pop ups to select quantity and size. All business transactions will go through this corporation. Thank you Thomas Burnakis, Pharm. Check or Money Order. Can be given Citical in children. July 20v January 01, v I take all requests for changes and corrections seriously and integrate them in a timely fashion.

To increase clarity and minimize errors, fare new numbering and unit changes as recommended to improve prescription writing.

Adult dose is now 1 mg q min, changed from 0. Minimal formatting changes to main title of sheet slowly working to add more space to cusjck a new drug. Tables are unique and have evolved over the years using input from anesthesia staff, residents, drug companies and ACCRS customers.


Anesthesia & Critical Care Reference Sheet | Order

Started a Facebook group so everyone who’s interested can keep up to date on what’s happening with Anesthesia Reference Sheets. See ASA Report for more information. March 11, v Savel for pointing this out.

Increased printing resolution from dpi to dpi for improved text sharpness and smoothness of colors takes 3 times as long to print. Will remove at a later date.