Product Blurb: Designed for use with the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, the d20 Menace Manual presents a host of villains, monsters, and other adversaries to. Until d20 Future presents the official rules for sci-fi play, consider this book as an Basically, the Menace Manual offers an interesting collection of baddies – not. d20 Menace Manual has 40 ratings and 1 review. Max said: This is a pretty interesting book, because unlike D&D’s Monster Manuals, only part of the materi.. .

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Results 1 to 5 of 5. Designed for use with the d20 Modern RPG, the d20 Menace Manual presents a host of villains, monsters and other adversaries to pit against the heroes in any modern RPG. It contains extensive real-world information, including information about existing organizations such as the CIA and write-ups of well-known mythical creatures such as the yeti and sasquatch.

Adversaries for all levels of play are available, as are various allies, and there is extensive information on organization and factions that heroes can either join or combat. The d20 Menace Manual is a good, solid product. To my mind, there are two major factors that keep it from being a great.

I feel like it is a little thin for its cost size to cost is a silly way to judge an RPG product but The Menace Manual has 3 major sections: Creatures, GM Characters, and Factions. At least a part of the latter two sections are not as portable as the other more widely useable portions of the book. Even though number of pages or words is a arbitrary metric and it is silly to judge a book by its size, the book feels thin. However, the book’s content is generally of high quality probably a more important criteria.

d20 Menace Manual (d20 Campaigns: d20 Modern)

The Menace Manual doesn’t really have player material, it is mainly targetted at GMs. I think it is good looking but I like manuak d20 Modern dress- it follows that style.

The art has highlights and low lights, but is mostly colour and is mostly of high calibre. The Menace Manual has 85 pages of Creatures. The creatures are Monster Manual style monsters.

The monsters are assorted by types and CR so you get a cross section of all. The fraal appear along with some Alternity and DarkMatter creatures converted to d There are a couple of templates in this section. It has almost 50 pages of GM characters. There are ordinaries, basically characters with average stats, HP with no feats, and menae GM characters that are made just like the heroes or player characters. The first 25 pages are ‘ordinaries’ that compliment the ones in the d20 Modern Role Playing Game.


The second 25 or so pages are specific, named, heroic GM characters some allies, some foes. I find mnace ordinaries useful, the heroics not as useful. The generic ordinaries I can dress up anyway I like, the Heroics already have a certain flavor, and my game isn’t really set for any of them. I can use them, but I have to adjust them heavily- which doesn’t save me time as a GM.

If you use d0 of the 3 ,enace settings in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, you will probably be able to use more of the Heroic characters. The next 80 pages are factions.

This part is useful for a GM because of the templating. I don’t feel the actual factions are that useful, but I’m using d20M as a cyberpunk setting. Again, if you use one manula the 3 proposed setting from the in the d20 Modern Roleplaying Game, you will probably use more of the factions section. Menwce factions present some interesting concepts. The Hoffman institute makes an appearance and some other mankal have interesting flavor. I like the balance of crunch and fluff. I use the crunch of the sample characters and the template for a faction, the fluff is just inspirational for me as it doesn’t fit my game.

Instead of an index, there is a creatures ranked by CR chart. I like the CR chart, but I also wish they would include a type chart like in the beginning of the Fiend Folio. The d20 Modern Menace Manual succeeds at the most important things for a GM supplement, it has time or preparation saving material and it has material to flavor your game.

d20 Menace Manual (d20 Campaigns: d20 Modern) by J.D. Wiker

The GM characters section saves me some time and I use many manial the ordinaries. The factions section, I don’t use much verbatim except more GM charactersbut the ideas and templating I found useful.

Wizards used the first printing of the 3e books as a loss leader- they sold them cheap, mwnual or below cost, to build market share for the new edition.

There is no useful comparison possible between the price of the first printing of the core books, and any other book. Then one might comment on whether that tracks with or exceeds inflation.

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Or, since you admit yourself that price-per-pagecount manaul less useful than several other measures in judging a book, leave it out entirely. Costs of production go down or are spread out over a higher number of units with volume. You are mistaken if you think they were loss leader products.

The first printing of the products was close to being at cost but still profitable. All subsequent printings were at a very respectable profit there were at least 3 reprintings. Manyal our financial arguments are based on hearsay- WotC did not have to publicly divulge details being privately held, and Hasbro can hide the RPG details under the WotC division.

My hearsay is what I got from a former WotC employee. If you imagine a graph of cost to number c20 units sold, there is a curve. There is a part of that curve for all products mqnual lowering the price of a product gets you many more sales, there is also a part of the curve where lowering the price doesn’t gain you many more sales.

d20 Modern – Menace Manual (OEF).pdf

Menace Manual is at its point, Monster Manual is at its point. Their curves are different. Yes, I’ve taken basic economics. That still doesn’t make Menace Manual feel like a great deal if you pay retail for it.

I, subjectively, feel the book is slim for it’s cost. And so state it in the review.

It is just a feeling- if you think it is a great deal say nenace Besides adjusted for 2. That should be a fairer comparison- closer in appeal and time. It is a factor- that is it. It seems you tacitly agree with the rest of the review. Is that the case?

Thanks for your comment. I’m glad you took the time to read the review and I hope it helped you consider the product. Please watch your tone. Errors The following errors occurred with your submission. Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. Friday, 16th January, Menace Manual — no mennace Saturday, 18th October, Menace Manual anyone seen it yet?

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