Dark Nights is a special gift to her many loyal fans: a newly expanded and reimagined version of her classic novella, Dark Descent pages longer than the. For Each, There Could Be Only One: They came from the darkest places: secluded monasteries, the Carpathian mountains, galaxies under siege. They were. Dark Descent (Dark, book 11) by Christine Feehan – book cover, description, publication history.

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They really are delicious heroes. Small, tiny little droplets that never quite reached the ground. With typical over-the-top writing of flowery prose and over-wrought descriptions, Feehan expands her Carpathians universe with a novella length story of Traian and Joie and a cave full of master vampires and ancient treasures and weapons of mages.

Strange lights and mysterious sightings of everything from ghosts to vengeful creatures haunted the bayou at night. Atlantis Series Complete Collection. This was more like a novella, very short. Thelma Goodvine tugged at her husband’s jacket to bring his attention back to her. He sat there alone in the dark of the cave, astonished geehan how life could change in the dfscent of an eye. Joie goes to find him, afraid that she is losing her mind, goes to find Traian and is accompanied by her siblings Gabrielle feeyan Jubal.

I’m happily getting caught up on the Carpathians after a long break, and I’m enjoying the ride. Those cool green eyes went a little gold. I actually wish this couple had a full story and not a novella.


Dark Descent

Gage growled, a rumble of annoyance. Two trees formed the unique archway to the theatre, the branches interlocking overhead to form a small protection against the elements. Read more Read less. Just a moment while we sign you in sescent your Goodreads account. We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. He took murder in his city or his bayou or swamp personally.

She’s strong, kick ass, and takes no prisoners. From the moment his arms closed dqrk her, enveloping her in a sorcerer’s spell They give an ugly visual picture to creepy crawly. You tricked me into it in the first place, you and your hell-raising brothers. I liked Traian and Joie as individual characters and as a couple. She has a mind of her descfnt, and she isn’t afraid to go out on a limb and do things her way.

One of the lesser vampires hurled himself onto Traian’s back, sinking his teeth into the exposed neck. I expanded on information regarding Lifemates in this blog post over on Goodreads: Traian quickly realizes that she is his lifemate.

Dark Nights by Christine Feehan

The Malinovs where known for their prowess in battle and fighting strategy. Some of the men liked to call her the chameleon. In a cave of mystery and wonder deep in the Carpathian Mountains, bodyguard Joie Sanders He wanted a list of all initials and a confirmation of just who those initials christinf to and said as much to Gage.


Saria took photographs as well. She was being put into an ambulance and hustled away from the scene. Dark Descent Dark 9. I listened to this as an audio boo Dark Descent would be one of my favourites in this series, mainly, I think, because of the wonderful relationship between the two lovers. I hoping that Jubal will have a storyline in this book.

People screamed, ran in every direction, fell to the ground, crouched behind flimsy cover. Alligators bellowed disapproval from various directions, reminding them every step they took on solid ground or in the water, was dangerous. Feb 17, Meghan rated it really liked it. He was honest with her from day one and she accepted him without any qualms or reservations, which usually is not the case in the much longer novels. She just needed to be somewhere else, just for a short time while the medics fixed her up.

He had a serious shadow going nearly all the time and the scar running down the side of his neck could have been from a knifeā€”or a claw.