Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo sin Dios con esta antología, la primera en su género, de las voces más influyentes, de. Una provocadora visita guiada al pensamiento ateo y agnóstico a través de los siglos. Christopher Hitchens sigue defendiendo la magnificencia de un universo .

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Discusses possible consequences of adopting atheism 8 Shermer: Si es un lector que apenas comienza a l El libro es genial.

The problem of evil. I had become a nonbeliever long before, but this set of writings and essays helped me clarify my thinking on the matter.

Similarly, the constant change of style was a constant, but maddening, irritation.

There is a lot of good debate material in here, if you’re so inclined. One nice aspect is that many of them are short, christlpher a few pages, so you can read an essay and close the book with a sense of completion before opening it up a few days later. However, if you ever doubt the stupidity of religion just try the Sam Harris line that replaces the word God with Zeus.

Dios no existe

Amazon Prime Music Stream millions of songs, ad-free. At the end of the day, I’m not sure there christophrr anything conclusive, although the author would have you believe otherwise. Please try again later. The book is laid out chronologically and, in general, the essays do get somewhat better the further towards the end of the book you go.


Quotes from Dios no existe. By the way, that was a classic example of “hand-selling” that is lost in superstores. One does get a history of atheism, and how, even to this day, it is difficult to acknowledge or admit that one is an atheist. Irrespective of christopber views on Atheism, it’s essential to read through some of the essays to get a lot better ideas and visions on life.


By arranging the readings in chronological order rather than by theme, Hitchens creates a history of non-theism which contextualizes the current state of affairs. See 1 question about Dios no existe…. Eixste particularly enjoyed the Omar Khayyam section, which was just beautiful.

Nothing like God is not greatbut a bit more intellectual. My advice on how to approach this book would be by cherry-picking those essays that sound fun and skipping everything else though this just seems to me to indicate how good this book could have been had Hitchens followed that advice.

Dios no existe by Christopher Hitchens (5 star ratings)

I recommend this book for open minds people. I carry this boom everywhere with me. Perhaps this is meant as source material for atheists to debate with believers.


Hitchens was also a political observer, whose best-selling books — the most famous being God Is Not Great — made him df staple of talk shows and lecture circuits. God Is Not Great: No doubt it is a christpher and serious research for an expert! I will seek out a smaller, more appropriate bite to assuage my interest. Hitchens takes liberty in introducing us to each contributing piece in this provocative and entertaining guided tour of atheist and agnostic thought through the ages.

Dios no existe es una lectura fascinante para todo el mundo.

Elizabeth Anderson provides one of the strongest essays of this book. This book will not show me this as I put it down not even reached midway. October 19 – November 2, See 1 question about Dios no existe…. Not what I was looking for.

The book weighs in at a hefty and somewhat less than portable pages and yet undoubtedly could have included many more selections.