KEEP THIS MANUAL. Store this manual in a safe place for future reference. MEMORY BACKUP. • To protect your programmed memory contents, the DW- This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the DW from Korg. View and Download Korg DW owner’s manual online. DW Synthesizer pdf manual download.

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Turn it face-down propping it up dw80000 you don’t damage the joystickremove all the screws around the perimeter, and the five large screws in the centre section. If, as with mine, there is a biro rattling around inside, now is a good time to remove it.

Korg DW-8000 Owner’s Manual

Label the connectors so you know where they go afterwards. For the larger ones Dw88000 wrote the connector number on the side with permanent marker, for the smaller ones I attached a label to the wire. One of the nice things about working with old kit, is that the manuals actually give you tons of technical information. In this case, the Service Manual has a detailed schematic.

The relevant bit is on page Here is a close-up of the circuit board, after I cut the track to pin Note that 10 is helpfully labelled on the silk screen! The next step was to scrape off some solder resist, and solder up 4 pins worth of 0. If a jumper is placed across the yellow and pink pins, then the synth should work as before.


This is a good thing to test. At this point I decided it was a good time to replace the battery, before it leaked or died.

Full text of “Korg DW Angel City Turbo Upgrade Manual”

This wipes the patches from memory, so if you want them then make sure you have saved them and know how to restore them using SYSEX or tape. The original battery was soldered in place. I removed it with a combination of cutters, soldering iron and solder sucker. You then need to install a CR coin cell holder.

I’m not aware of manuql that fit the footprint, so I ended up having to drill a new hole in the PCB. Luckily, there is plenty of board area free of tracks in this area, so it wasn’t hard to find a suitable place. And the other side, after soldering the cell holder. Check at least five times that you have the polarity correct before you solder in the battery holder, otherwise very bad things will happen.

I just bought an Dw800 Purchased an Arduino Nano today to try this mod. About Us Contact Hackaday.


Downloads | DW – Owner’s Manaul | KORG (USA)

Carefully lift open the synth. It should look like this.

We need to remove the middle PCB. Black goes to ground connection not clearly visible here, but it is the large copper area. Yellow goes directly to pin 12 of the CPU. This will go to the Tx pin on the arduino. Pink goes to the side of R73 nearest to the CPU. In mabual, I should have used thinner wire, for less danger of lifting anything.

Here it is with a bit of heatshrink added to prevent any embarrassing short circuits. There it is, just below R Insert a new 3V cell into the holder, and the interlude is finished. Reinstall the PCB, and reconnect all the connectors.

The synth is now ready, time to prepare the Nano. It needs four connections to connect to our 4-way header in the synth. I used some ‘Dupont’ cables cut in half, and taped together to form the 4-way socket. Msnual up Already a member? I will give it a try for sure.