AÑO LECTIVO: – PLAN CURRICULAR ANUAL DATOS INFORMATIVOS ÁREA/ASIGNATURA EMPRENDIMIEN TO. written by Nasim Maldonado (Maldonado, ) (Textbook 1). • Units 1 and 2 bachillerato general unificado: Educación para la ciudadanía I. Retrieved from. Se incluyen una clave para los géneros, descripciones, la sinonimia relevante para .. inicio del desarrollo e innovación del sistema de Educación Superior en Paraguay nació con el crecimiento del conocimiento de la ciudadanía en la alfabetización, .. G. Salgado-Maldonado et al., published by EDP Sciences,

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The authors’ analysis includes propensity score matching PSM methods that make more focused comparisons between students in alternative programmes and control samples. We found that most of the viruses present were predators of bacteria. In the period, human cases were detected 11 deaths.

It reduces bone resorption by inhibiting mature active osteoclasts and increases renal calcium excretion. Although the prevalence of oral cancer is not high compared to other entities, oral cancer pose significant mortality and morbidity in the patients, especially when discovered late in the course of the disease. The results showed educacjon the aged and the old stimuli were connected with aspects of more negative connotation.

oral atribuible al: Topics by

Main interest has been devoted to introducing new alternative techniques for the evaluation of the processes of water treatment plants for human consumption and waste waters [es. Mycobacterium leprae DNA was detected in blood samples and nasal swabs, including some cases where leprosy was not clinically suspected.


Most countries, with the exception of Belize and Costa Rica, are sending countries. The type, specificity and sensitivity of the protective immune response towards C. Older women experience the onset of menopause and increased vulnerability to osteoporosis. Systemic problems in prison health services, along with squalid living conditions, lack of coordination between national TB programs and prison health systems, and insufficient allocation of resources to health parw the provision of adequate TB prevention and care.

Renal manifestations are the most frequent, affecting two thirds of patients at presentation. The expression pattern of ALS genes in C.

The method will provide further insight into the role of ALS genes and their encoded proteins in the diverse interactions between C.

The first case of Chikungunya virus in Honduras was identified in The purpose of this study was to establish an initial investigation of the burden of Salmonella in produce and beef from Honduras by sampling retail markets and abattoirs. The search revealed that burning mouth syndrome, oral pigmentation, hypersensitivity and lichenoid reactions, and genotoxic and cytotoxic effects are the major potential oral health changes associated with fixed prosthodontic appliances.

To investigate nesting beach and turtle characteristics, we conducted beach monitoring during the nesting season. Methodological approach to the comparative study between digital libraries in Mozambique, Brazil and Paraguay.

Maternal depression occurred at a high rate in this sample of Honduran women. Multivariate analysis within alternative programme samples finds that attrition is lower in those learning centres which have adopted key features of formal schools, such as university-educated teachers. Full Text Available 29 – year Lichen planus is a chronic, inflammatory, autoimmune skin disease, that is often manifested, except on the skin, in the oral cavity in a variety of clinical forms.


The aim of the study was to explore how adults with schizo- phrenia describe their lived experiences with oral hygiene.

This information was sent to specialists in diagnostic imaging and in cardiology for remote diagnosis and the report was then forwarded to the hospitals connected to the system. We created topographic and substrate profiles of the beach, and found it was m long, yet hawksbills. At the same time, a recently described species, P The paper aims discussing the most important Sr- Nd-Pb isotope features of the alkaline and tholeiitic magmas from Eastern Paraguay in comparison with the PAN analogues au.

Two more critical essays were Ricardo. A narrative overview of current literature was undertaken to synthesise the contexts with critical elaboration and commentary.

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All of the paints purchased in Russia were from Russian brands and were manufactured in Russia. With limited regional exposures along the adjacent tectonic boundary, this study aimed to present a structural interpretation for Roatan.

We directly dated 37 maize cobs to establish the appearance and local change of maize at the site. The financial debt has been reduced and turned into a surplus of. Transcriptions of the interviews were analysed using the Reflective Lifeworld Research ph