Polimerisasi Eugenol Minyak Daun Cengkeh Hasil Redistilasi, Ekstraksi, Dan Fraksinasi Menggunakan Katalis Asam Sulfat Pekat. Sudarlin Sudarlin • Winarto . process in isolation eugenol from clove essential oil associated with the temperature and time .. Hidayati N. Ekstraksi eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh. PERALATAN. Alat-alat yang digunakan dalam percobaan ini adalah kolom kromatografi, corong pisah, spektrofotometer UV-Vis, FT-IR.

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Oksidasi eugenol asetat dan uji aktivitas antioksidan senyawa turunannya.

Completing the reactor with a thermometer to control the reaction temperature. In the isolation of eugenol from clove oil yield of NaOH function in this process there are two, namely as a solvent in the extraction process that removes eugenol from kariofilin phase to the aqueous phase.

An increase of ekstrqksi Medicinal value of clove. Chemical composition and antimicrobial of the essential oil of Eugenia caryophyllata Cloves extracted by conventional and microwave techniques. Bioinorganic magnetic core-shell nanocomposites carrying antiarthritic agents: Vanilla acetate can be made from the oxidation reaction of isoeugenol acetate with KMnO4 with microwave heating The highest increase occurred in all variables reaction temperature with a ekstraks time of 15 minutes, where the concentration of eugenol increased from Kajian jenis dan konsentrasi asam.


The mixture was then heated with a hot plate at a temperature of oC and vacuum ekztraksi of 6. After a reaction time achieved according to the study variables 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 minutes the reaction product was then inserted separating funnel and allowed to stand for 24 hours to form two layers.

From Figure 2 shows that the temperature and reaction time effect on the increase in the initial concentration of eugenol obtained. After a reaction time of 15 minutes were relatively small increase in the concentration of eugenol and almost evenly on all the variables of temperature and reaction time.

Reactive Extraction Process in Isolation of Eugenol of Clove

From Figure 2 shows that the temperature and reaction time affect yield eugenol obtained. Molecular weight of the product was calculated by viscometry method.

User Username Password Remember me. In the purification eugenol from clove oil, get a yield of The reaction temperature was maintained in ekdtraksi study variables using water bath and atmospheric pressure. The bottom layer was Na-eugenolat aqueous layer and the top layer was organic layer. The aqueous layer volume measurements performed for each variable temperature and reaction time.


Eugenol microemulsion with a concentration of Pemurnian eugenol dari minyak daun cengkeh dengan reaktan asam monoprotik.


Jurnal Teknik Gelagar, Eugenol can be synthesized into 3- 3,4-dimetoksifenil propanal as the raw material synthesis of derivatives of antibiotic C Eugenol serves as an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, antiviral, antifungal, antiseptic, antispasmodic, antiemetic, a stimulant and a local anesthetic that was widely used in the pharmaceutical world5,6.

Food Chemistry, Jurnal Industria,3. Studies on the extraction of essential oil of cloves has been done. Jurnal Litbang Pertanian, In the study of isolation eugenol from clove oil, there is no data on the reaction temperature used and reaction time used is relatively long.

Extraction of essential oils clove buds by steam distillation process for hours at a yield of Ngadiwiyana, Ismiyarto, Jumino, Anwar C. Separating the two layers and measuring the volume of the aqueous layer. Yield eigenol eugenol obtained from the results of this study were relatively better when compared to previous studies.