Ericsson AB | A | Figure -X. What does OSS Training Provide? › It allows to build and maintain competence for customers in OSS-RC, ENIQ ST and ENIQ. What is ENIQ? Ericsson Network IQ (ENIQ) Is a multi-vendor and multi- technology data mining and reporting system to measure network capabilities ( KPIs). The following WCDMA RAN analysis features are part of the Ericsson product portfolio: • ENIQ, Ericsson Network IQ • RES, Radio Environment Statistics.

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Most of the ericsso and slideshows on PowerShow. You will also want to know how it can support other technologies. Completing this training you will have all the initial knowledge ericswon need to proceed in competence development in other areas. A new communications architecture. Therefore it is even more beneficial if delivered on your equipment. It will focus on GSM terminology, wireless concepts, functions of network nodes, and the Ericsson implementation of those network nodes.

What is an ENIQ server and What is function?

After the course the students will be able to handle network element connections, administration of the OSS-RC related eniw and both standard and corrective maintenance of the system.

These improvements encompass new features, functionality and broader network support. You are familiar with the performance management of your network, and you are already using the ENIQ product reports relevant to your technology. Click here to sign up.

– Ericsson

Day Topics in the course Estimated time 1 Introduction and pre-test 0. The counter reflects the cell perspective.


Rev PA1 Last modified by: The ROP files are opened in order to be transferred into the database and the calculations are made by the database itself during this process. There are several other courses which act as an add-on course to this common applications course, they are each 1day.

It can be increased by one or another value, for example to accumulate the number of bits transferred due to specific activity.

Duration and class size The length of the course is 1 day. This course will detail the functions available for the OSS Navigator operator. All range counter values are collected and stored in a ROP file at the end of each reporting period. Prerequisites The participants should have successfully completed of the following courses: CTR can record up to a maximum of 16 simultaneous connections. And their quality is top notch.

All platform changes that impact the functionality of OSS will be covered as well as any changes or improvements to the functionality. Learning situation The course is based on instructor-led lessons and case-oriented exercises in a classroom equipped with an LCD-projector and a training environment where students use an OSS-RC server with connections to either real or simulated network elements.

Even those who do not work directly with OSS-RC will find this course beneficial as it will give a high level overview of how it fits in with other products like network elements and network management systems in a telecoms network.

Click to allow Flash. After the course the students will be able to handle network element connections to IMS network elements, administration of the IMS related applications and both standard and corrective maintenance of enkq system. Note that 00 to class15 with data in the buffer for each 2 ms subframes. F Ebiq in Confidence 31 Email: The only prerequisite is that students are familiar with a telecoms network or any technology.


On completion of this course the participants will be able to: For the activation of one or more counters the user has to define a ericssln profile. This course will teach you how to operate the functions of the AXE switch common to all AXE applications of a network.

This paragraph is mandatory. Learning situation The course is based on instructor-led lessons and case-oriented exercises in a classroom environment. The student will gain knowledge about how to manage processes, errors and authority issues in the OSS RC system. Number of normal packet RAB releases over Iur i. In the practical sessions the students will be presented with the tasks required to administer and eticsson an OSS RC system.

Ericsson Network IQ – PowerPoint PPT Presentation

Along with identifying the OSS applications and tools for the management of the core network there are also a number of common applications that will be described in this training, such as those used for fault and performance management.

Explain basic traffic cases in the Mobile Softswitch Eicsson. Learning situation The course is based on workshop activities, demonstrations and hands-on exercises.