Eriodictyon californicum. In: Fire Effects Information System, [Online]. U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station, Fire. About California Yerba Santa (Eriodictyon californicum). Eriodictyon californicum is a species of plant in the Boraginaceae (Borage) family (formerly classified in. Pictures and description of Eriodictyon californicum, Yerba Santa.

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Eriodictyon californicum Calflora

Caution is warranted in children due to the presence of ethanol. Poultices have also been applied on the skin.

Related Terms Consumptive’s weed, bear’s weed, eriodictyol, Eriodictyon californicumEriodictyon glutinosumgum bush, holy herb, mountain balm, sacred herb, tarweed, Wigandia californicum. It is in leaf all year, in flower from July to August.

Allergies, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, antioxidant, antiviral, arthritis, asthma, blood coagulation disorders, cancer, cosmetics, dry mouth, excipient inactive ingredient for drug delivery, food flavoring, hypercholesterolemia high cholesterolhypertension high blood pressuremalaria, saliva production, skin scrapes, smooth muscle relaxant, tuberculosis, urinary tract infections.


Chem Pharm Bull Tokyo ;50 7: Biochem Pharmacol ;41 5: Habitats Dry mountain slopes at altitudes up to 1, metres[]. Soils are usually fast draining and can vary from rocky granite to coarse sand. J Nat Prod ;66 5: Summer Water Calscape Planting Guide.

However, additional study is needed to eriodicyton a firm recommendation.

There is no guarantee of strength, purity or safety of products, and effects may vary. The species is hermaphrodite has both male and female organs. Interactions Interactions with Cwlifornicum The flavonoids homoeriodictyol and eriodictyol found in yerba santa may interfere with the way the body processes certain drugs using the liver’s “cytochrome P” enzyme system.

America – Oregon to California. The leaves have historically eriodicyton used to treat asthmaupper respiratory infections and allergic rhinitis.

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Plants that prefer soils that are moist year round. Fair scientific evidence for this use it may not work F: Subsequently, the extracts remained GRAS “generally regarded as safe” as a flavor for foods, beers, and pharmaceuticals such as to hide the bitterness of quinine.


cwlifornicum Eriodictyon californicum is a shrub growing one to three meters tall, typically found in clonal stands. Allergies Avoid in individuals with a known allergy or hypersensitivity to Eriodictyon species. It prefers dry or moist soil. The common name “tarweed” is associated with many species of Hemizonia and Madia. Ease of Care Very Easy.

Unclear scientific evidence for this use D: Superoxide scavenging properties of flavonoids in a non-enzymic system. Inhibitory effects of flavonoids on phosphodiesterase isozymes from guinea pig and their structure-activity relationships. Phytother Res ;14 3: The fresh leaves are chewed for their refreshing taste and to relieve thirst[].

Biochem Pharmacol ;67 8: Safety and effectiveness have not always been califorhicum. The plant has been smoked as a remedy for asthma[]. All plant pages have their own unique code.