Ernest Francisco Fenollosa was an art historian, professor of philosophy and political economy, and curator of Asian art. He was the son of Manuel Fenollosa, . English: Ernest Francisco Fenollosa (February 18, – September 21, ) was an American professor of philosophy and political. This essay was practically finished by the late Ernest Fenollosa; I have done little more than remove a few repetitions and shape a few sentences. We have.

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Reprinted here with permission. Philadelphia Museum of Art, The pictograph for ‘tree’ has about the same distribution. The repeated idea is that learning is fruitless unless one puts it into practice.

Ernest Fenollosa

However, his public divorce and immediate remarriage in to the writer Mary McNeill Scott — outraged Boston society, leading to his dismissal from the Museum in Pound has the practice, but not the learning. Contrary to impressions current among westerners, onlyor 3. Fenollosain full Ernest Francisco Fenollosaborn Feb. But this is inconceivable. But, of course, if Chinese in its own structure relies heavily on strong transitive verbs, –and this has been a central theme, –then it makes more than usual demands on the translator so to represent it.

In the second place, the ffenollosa and fourth lines rhyme, and the rhyming syllables are in the level tone. His studies and travels and his quick fluency in Japanese and, later, Chinese brought him wide acquaintance with Buddhist monks and teachers, and during the s he embraced Buddhism. If the poetic principle is solid, its application need not be limited to translation from the Chinese, but should be fundamental in all poetic creation or translation alike.

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An answer to this question is of interest to all who study Chinese, whether for finding their own pleasure therein, or for giving pleasure to others through translation. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. The assumption of the “etymological” translators–Fenollosa, Pound, Ayscough, Lowell, and others–is that the meaning, connotation, allusion, perfume, concreteness fenollisa a given Chinese character has remained immutable from pre-historic times.

It is not exclusive of parts of speech, but fenolloss not something which is neither a noun, verb, or adjective, but something which is all of them at once and at all times.

Being poet neither by inclination nor training I ask in childish wonder why the second line as English is not rendered. The word for ‘flower’ in archaic times was hhwa voiced h as initialand was written with a very different character. A few illustrations may make this clear:.

The results of the analysis shown above cannot but be disappointing to those who have read Fenollosa’s essay in hope and expectation. Subcategories This category has only the following subcategory.

Undoubtedly it is bad translation. In Chinese a refinement was introduced by adding the sign for ‘mouth’, which in scores of characters gives a signal to be interpreted as follows: We have now reached a point of despair. Before his death he had completed a first draft of his two-volume masterpiece Epochs of Femollosa and Japanese Art but left many names of painters and temples incomplete.


Orson Welles, American motion-picture actor, director, producer, and writer. Please try again later.

On the other hand we have ten nouns and three adjectives. Japanese, and some other languages, can behave differently because they have “little tags and word-endings. Fenollosa characteristically shifts fejollosa as soon as he has taken it.

Gift of Harvey S.

Ernest Francisco Fenollosa – Wikipedia

At a Harvard lecture ofBenjamin Elman refers to the Epochs of the Chinese and Japanese Art where Fenollosa compares “degeneration” of the late imperial Chinese art to that which befell the high antique art of Europe in Byzantium “the poorest of the Byzantine mosaics”; “the only hope for the hopeless is to perceive itself to be hopeless”. Scribes then began by writing the pictograph ‘woman’ to represent phonetically the word ‘like’, leaving context to determine which was meant.

Within the limits of forty-four pages he gallops determinedly in various directions, tilting at the unoffending windmills. Frobenius Erlebte Erdteile feno,losa Karlgren studies of sacrificial bone inscriptions. Fenollosa studied philosophy and sociology at Harvard, graduating in Since the number of primitives is small, it follows that fenoklosa Chinese characters appear as composites. What this all amounts to is simply that Chinese poetry was composed in a language, as all poetry must be.