Frida Kahlo – “Pensaram que eu era surrealista, mas nunca fui. Nunca pintei artdetails: “ Johannes Vermeer, Girl with a Pearl Earring (detail), ca. Close up of. Vermeer – the girl with the pearl earrings. Toda vez que entro na Netflix eu fico perdido. Se eu, que já vi. More information. More information. girl with pearl. The exhibition Johannes Vermeer is organized by the. National Gallery of Art, Washington, and the Royal. Cabinet of Paintings Mauritshuis, The Hague.

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The Rise and Fall of the Twentieth Century’ Art history is a matter of provenance; art collecting an affair of prestige.

Ed i critici ci sono cascati in pieno. This enjoyable tale chronicles the life and times of Han van Meegeren, a Dutch art forger who taught himself to create authentic old style oil paints using “ingredients” they used in Vermeer’s time.

Learning about his life and what motivated him to create forgeries rather than his own artwork makes complete sense. Poi viene visto come un eroe nazionale che ha dato una propria crosta in cambio di veri tesori olandesi. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account.

Chi sono io per dire che non mi paiono proprio opere di Vermeer? This if the true story of a great art forger during WWII period. Certo, con le foto a colori il prezzo sarebbe lievitato non poco, ma forse ne valeva la pena. I reviewed the book on my blog, so rather than recreate it here: La cena in Emmausche – senza essere sottoposto a molte prove – viene subito classificato per un Vermeer originale e preso in carico dalla galleria Boijmans.

Inoltre c’era la guerra e i compratori avevano fretta. I direct you to Batavia’s Graveyard, a previous read of mine which managed to be a supremely engaging historical account without resorting to fake emotion or manufactured dialogue. He had to re-create the paints Vermeer employed, find just the right 17th-century canvas he could strip of its paint, reproduce in depth the crackling fine lines that grace the work of Old Fuo, and harden the painting’s surface so that it could withstand various tests designed to ascertain whether a canvas had indeed aged over time.


This book is a little hard to find, if any of my friends want to read it, ask me and I’ll loan it to you. Refresh and try again.

I Was Vermeer: The Rise and Fall of the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Forger by Frank Wynne

Right after the war the Dutch were eager to punish collaborators, and Han found himself in prison because of his dealings with Goering. Personally, I think that if he was THAT skilled, not just artistically, but technically as well, that his works are actually more impressive than the originals. Ultimately, he decided that he would create a painting that would convince the great experts of its authenticity and then prove them charlatans by exposing it himself.

But after reading this book my way of looking at them has changed. Han had even gotten paid. Here he was at his cunning best, choosing “The Supper at Emmaus,” which he would pass off as a rare example of Vermeer’s middle vemreer, a work that would fill the gap between the artist’s early and late periods. Bravo to Frank Wynne for shining a light on Han van Meegeren!

Apr 14, Eugenea Pollock rated it it was amazing. I doubt this is the best one, but it does give many interesting details.

Anche qui riferimenti quasi nulli. What I got was an examination of the life and work legitimate and not-so-legitimate of Han van Meegeren, the Dutch artist best known for having successfully forged and sold fuui least eight paintings attributed to Vermeer and other 17th century painters, only confessing once accused of fi for having sold a “national treasure” to Nazi commander and art collector Hermann Goring.


Through the Summer School, Wynne was introduced to literary figures whose lectures he recorded with a tape recorderamong them Richard Ellmann and Seamus Heaney He was raised “in the dark depths [of] Irish Catholicism”.

This comic book is definitely original.

Found it slow at the start, primarily due to the Dutch words and names with which I was unfamiliar, but once it vermser its rhythm it was a very good read. Nonfiction is laced with fictive narrative elements which makes for a smoother read than pure nonfiction. Del fatto che le opere siano state vendute a Goering si parla poco.

After you have read this book, you will be in a much better position to judge whether all those paintings attributed to Vermeer really are Vermeers it appears to be a popular sport on the web.

Per un confronto immediato, per farsi un’idea, per non confondersi Ad esempio il romanzo La doppia vita di Vermeer di Luigi Guarnieri, cui pare anche Wynne abbia fatto riferimento. To this day, the fji world is not sure of which Vermer’s are authentic even This if the true story of a great art forger during WWII period.

Cosa non va quindi, dato che gli ho dato solo 2 stelle come voto?

I Was Vermeer: The Rise and Fall of the Twentieth Century’s Greatest Forger

Il falso Vermeer creduto autentico regala le stesse emozioni di un autentico Vermeer? Wynne misses certain opportunities that a student of art history might have explored. Hardcoverpages. Finally, Han had to choose just the right subject matter.