Mourning Becomes Electra is a play by Eugene O’Neill that was first See a complete list of the characters in Mourning Becomes Electra and in-depth analyses. Free summary and analysis of the events in Eugene O’Neill’s Mourning Becomes Electra that won’t make you snore. We promise. Use our free chapter-by-chapter summary and analysis of Mourning Becomes Electra. It helps middle and high school students understand Eugene O’Neill’s.

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She got that out of me–the proof of it, at any rate. Christine Mannon appears from left, between the clump of lilacs and the house. I’ll be watching you every minute! You don’t want to be left an old maid, do you? I thought it peculiar. But all the same, that’s not your real reason for sparing me! From the left rear, a man’s voice is heard singing the chanty “Shenandoah”–a song that more than any eugenw holds in it the brooding rhythm of the sea.


He stops and glances with savage hatred at the portrait. I’d like to be forewarned. What put such a stupid idea in your head? But probably that’s because you’re so tired. Lavinia rushes forward and embraces him. That’s what I wonder!

He knows the house is no longer his, and that Christine awaits his death to be free. Wal, I’ll trot along!


It made me blind mad. I was thinking of him! He starts on seeing Lavinia but immediately puts on his most polite, winning air. I won’t even think of it, do you hear?

I didn’t mean–I–I’m nervous tonight. She is carrying a big bunch of flowers. She’ll be coming back–and you’re not good at hiding your thoughts. And Father would disown you publicly, no matter how much the scandal cost him!

The railroad is jammed up. Though fate alone guides characters’ actions in Greek tragedies, O’Neill’s characters have motivations grounded eugrne s-era psychological theory as well. Seth, in a mood of aged playfulness, is trying to make an impression on Minnie. BRANT– again uneasy–trying to joke it off Well, I wasn’t mourninv up that strictly and, should or shouldn’t, at any rate, I didn’t–and it wasn’t the less sweet for that! Do you think I want to make it harder for myself?

She reaches in the sleeve of her dress and takes out the slip of paper she had written on. Lavinia orders Mournibg into the house. I want you to get it for me. She’s worried already about his heart. You know there’s nothing I can do now–but obey your orders! I hope she doesn’t hurry back to stand watch over us.

Ezra does indeed die, but Lavinia comes into possession of the pills that her mother used to poison him. I’m goin’ round by the kitchen.

Eugene O’Neill (1888-1953)

She only became pretty like their Mother on Brant’s Islands, with the natives staring at her with desire. One is immediately struck by the resemblance between his face and that of the portrait of Ezra Mannon. You know how folks in town gossip, Father. Originally released by RKO Radio Pictures at nearly three hours, it was eventually cut to minutes losing more than an hour after it performed poorly at the box office and won no Oscars.


Mother and son embrace jubilantly. Grandfather Hamel happened to meet him in New York and took a fancy to him, and Mother met him at Grandfather’s house. You folks at home take death so solemnly. He’s sailed all over the world–he lived on a South Sea island once, so he says. Retrieved from ” https: Lavinia senses her presence and whirls around. He’d grow to hate the sight of you!

It means Father will be home soon! I couldn’t fool electfa long. He avoids her eyes–then heavily casual Where was you gallivantin’ night afore last and all yesterday? Following American reporter Stephen Fitzgerald from Ireland to New York, a grateful leprechaun acts as the newsman’s servant and conscience.