– Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. George Salinda Salvan. PLUMBING. FIXTURES. PLUMBING. FIXTURES. Plumbing fixtures are receptacles intended to receive water, liquid, or water carried. ARCHITECTURAL UTILITIEs· 1. PLUMBING AND SANITARY • THE NEW LADDER TYPE CURRICULUM GEO’RGE SALINDA SALVAN fuap • ASSISTANT.

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There are three Types: The bottoms should be as narrow as possible to confine the stream.

If you spray or dust for any length of time, wear protective gloves. It is soft pure and good on places where there is an abundant rainfall.

Diaphragm faucet pop JJ p. Tfie bUildings therefore is divided 1nto horizontal sec- tions or zones and to design the hot and cold water supply systems separately for each zone. At this stage, chemical treatments are used to remove unde- sirable constituents that remain after Secondary treatment.

Water distribution is dependent on the expansion of hot salvqn and plumbiing. Downfeed System-by gravity from overhead tanks and are supported either by structural frames or on the roof decks. The oils used have a poisoning effect rather than mere clogging or choking.

George Salvan Architectural Utilities 1 Plumbing and Sanitary

Same end must always be used as inlet. This means that provision must be made for the control of air flow and products of combustion. But remember that inhaling such sprays can be dangerous; leave the house for four hours after use.


The poisons commonly used in the past were arsenic, strychnine, phosphorus, red squill and barium carbonate. It is not expected that the Architect will actually perform all the services, Rather he is to act as the agent of the client in procuring and coordinating the necessary services required by a project. Where failsafe pluming door lock, activated by any detector, is provided. Public Sewer-a common sewer directly controlled by public authority to which all abutters have equal rights.

Storm Water – from the rain. If you spray or dust for any length of time, wear protective gloves. Compressed oxygen air tend to purify the water and make it more palatable. The figure under the column “em” is the nearest metric equivalent of the corresponding figures under ” ft” and ” in”.

Deep w ell ejector d. Many modern insecticides are safe for householders to use. Holes in wood floors or walls are stopped with sheet metal.

The amount of oil applied by one man in an 8-hour day will also be variable but should be within the limits of georgd to 80 gallons to iters per day with knapsack sprayers.

Both lifting the water to the pump by plumibng and in addition forcing the water to an elevation above georgr pump. Lifting water by suction to the level of a pump situated above the source. Natural enemies of rodents, among which mB’f be counted cats, dogs, snakes, and birds of prey, mice, will not usually suffic: No septic tank shall be installed within or under a house.

All species hide by day in warm, dark spots. Special thanks and mention is also acknowledged to the Artists who helped in the illustrations notably, Clamor C. To prevent reinfestation, remove all the food sources you can.


Plumbinh key to safety is correct use. Similar establishment -shall also be provided with such trap, when so required by the proper authority. From here they go to work on you. All dead ends shall be relieved of air during the process of filling. To prevent burrowing beneath, this wall must extend at least 60 em.

George Salvan Architectural Utilities 1 Plumbing and Sanitary –

Ratbite f ever is transnctl8d bv baa ot rata and mice to man. A dozen or more trapS for a heavily infested dwelling and 50 to or more for a large building or farm. Puddles are avoided and contiguous areas of earth and grass are not subjected.

O’ 58 MO ‘ e au a 3. In ornamental pools where there may be objection to use of heavy salva, kerosene will be useful and will not be in-jurious to vegetation. Eliminating the incidence of black water by the use of composting processes. Both lifting the water to the pump by suction and salvab addition forcing the water to an elevation above the pump. Vacuum your pet’s bedding and places where it sleeps, then incinerate the vacuum dust and treat the vacuum bag with insecticidal spray.