Ropes and their depiction · Protective elements · Basics of ropemaking. Gleistein Ropes concentrates on the development, manufacture, and sales and. Sitemap. Home · Company · About Gleistein · Gleistein Ropes · The complete.

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Affordable universal line with very high strength and longevity for cruisers. It is manufactured through the unidirectional interweaving of strands.

In his gleistin Vegesack part of Bremen todaythe Georg-Gleistein-Strasse wears the founder’s name. In a double braid rope, the core and cover share the load equally, even though applications may vary considerably.

High performance sheet with an extra grip through the sophisticated fibre mix. Geo Polyester, polyamide and polypropylene are high-strength fibres and provide especially well-balanced all-round properties at moderate prices.

A complete range of products from a single source

Within further usage of our pages, you will accept that we use cookies. Heat-set core for even better strength and lower elongation. Leaded Anchor Warp Heavyweight Champion: Ropes and their depiction. To the group of companies belong the Gleistein Slovakia s.


Constructions Mooring Achieving higher performance together. Good customer service and prompt shipping. Gleistein enjoys global success in markets spanning from recreational ropse products to commercial-grade marine products. A good line will not only withstand heavy stresses and strains, it will hold for a very long time.

Filaments made of several single filaments are called parallel yarns.

Gleistein – Basics of ropemaking

DockTwin The best of two worlds in a single mooring line: According to own data Gleistein has about employees and 21million euro conversion are obtained.

Gleistein has an internationally outstanding market position with the solution of technical special problems regarding textile connections e. Top breakload, lowest elongation and maximum rpes expectancy.

If a line is to hold, you not only need the right rope, you need to use it properly.

Basics of ropemaking

In the yearthe first ropes made of chemical fibres were produced. The hollow braid is fully comprised of load-bearing fibres.

A commitment to the highest levels of product performance, quality of service, sustainability and innovation guides all our actions. Gleistein provides a complete service to complement its complete range of products.

Linear textile structure made of several fibres or filaments twisted together e. Feather-light at the clew, handleable at the winch, excellent in stoppers.


Gleistein – Ropes and their depiction

Gleistein is a prominent German cordage factory with head office in Bremen. Vegesack Fishing Fleet by Armin Seedorf on vegesack.

Braided ropes Torque-free ropes that are not manufactured by twisting — as is the case with laid ropes — glejstein rather through weaving, crossing or intertwining the strands. Differentiation of rope constructions Laid ropes Ropes that are formed by twisting two or more parts around one another in the opposite twist direction of the individual components to form a helix around the axis.

GeoTwist Thempest Orpes ultimate rope for traditional vessels: Torque-free ropes that are not manufactured by twisting — as is the case with laid ropes — but rather through weaving, crossing or intertwining the strands. Gleistein Ropes today is an international group of companies and a leader in many areas of rope technology. Maximum glejstein power and minimised fibre fusing on winches.