May 14, This Pin was discovered by J-to-the-F. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. Expanded Armory by GimmeYerGold. Written by GimmeYerGold from Ye Olde Inn: I’ve been working on this for a bit, with some helpful pointers. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. Armory The European version of HeroQuest contained cards for each type of equipment you could.

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Dave Morris Books – Solo Quests 6. Treasure 24 Cards in total.

HEROQUEST – ARMORY BOARD Identification Guide /game replacement HERO QUEST | eBay

Someone here used the bracers from the plate mail as image for the wizard’s bracers. Love the cloak from the chainmail! Well, you could just use it as a guide to make new weapons, easy enough to figure out the price differences between weapons that do different things.

Contains heroqest tiles, a quest Return of the Weathermannew tiles, and a comic. Makes sense, becouse everybody will probably have to write down their inventory sooner or later, and keeping cards for everything is difficult.

He included everything from both the US and UK versions, added several new items, and made colored versions of all the potions. The Heroes start together, and must find and destroy the Gargoyle Verag. Basics The basics for the main game. Don’t touch that please, your primitive intellect wouldn’t understand alloys and compositions and things with Makes it easy to create good looking maps and even try them out on screen!


You’ve got some good ideas Ogre, I’m always one for variety to spice things up that would definetly add a ton of weapons for the Heroes to choose from. The American version are the newer version of HeroQuest. I’d definitely like to see what else your going to put out. Every cent received goes toward Ye Olde Inn’s maintenance and allows us to continue providing the best resources for HeroQuest and Fantasy Gaming fans. Shield Proficiency would be once per quest and cost at least double.

Categories Hand weapon basic weapon, attacks adjacent enemies. Advertisement Make a small donation to Ye Olde Inn! It allows a hero to attack a monster who has just been revealed ie not moved yet once with 4 attack dice, and they must defend with one less die.

Two-handed weapon, may not be used with a shield Ranged: Thanks to Steve v1. Which armoru Hero will you be? Also includes a PDF version for easy printing.


Offline Damn the Man, Save the Empire! Offline I HQed today!

You can download this package if you want them in a separate JPEG. Thanks to Steve again. The ‘bad guys’ are to weak in armlry European to be of any challenge, so I reccomend the American quest book in front of the European. This one is included in the PDF of the Rulebook.

Ye Olde Inn

The staff looks strange, having the nails it is resting on by its side. So I figured it was time to start preparing my game for when they are ready in about the next 5 years. The “Library Heroqyest mentioned in the Spell Shop are all additional spells offered from the expansion packs, plus 6 custom spells lumped into one shuffled stack. Tiles The tiles of The Frozen Horror. Hero Quest Recommended Age Range: Forgive me for filling the background with white.

Expansion – Kellars Keep 3. Small Weapon would be a rerollonce per quest.