Koontz’s novels crest bestseller lists not only for their heart-pounding horrors but also for their celebration of righteousness and redemption. HIDEAWAY was the first novel of mine that elicited a pleasing quantity of hate mail. The volume of hate was never so great that the postal. He was clinically dead after the accident—but was miraculously revived. Now Hatch Harrison and his wife, Lindsey, approach each day with a.

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I read a lot of Dean Koontz’s books when I was in high school. Then I had an inspiration. He also has a koohtz condition that enables him to see in the dark, but also causes his eyes to be extremely sensitive to light.

It was a throbbing heart, trailing torn arteries and veins. Koontz is the too-pat wrapping up of the intrical supporting character–the esteemed doctor, who esentially, albeit unknowingly, created the chaos.

If you loved The Stand, you’ll love Defender, the hideaaway in a four-part series.

But I really hope he could do better than he has done. This was my first Koontz book and I don’t think it will be my last. A great mix of everyday horror with very real, average characters. Inevitably, many of them will be sub-standard and the quality will suffer. Now Hatch and Lindsey koont on with their lives, adopting a young girl named Regina, and everything seems to be looking up for them, until Hatch realizes that following his resurrection, he has developed telepathic powers linking with a serial killer know only as Vassago, who is going around killing everyone that Hatch’s mind becomes connected with.

I’m sorry, sir, if this behavior distresses you. I love Koontz but find that I forget a lot of his stories fairly quickly after reading unless it was exceptional like Intensity. Headline Shattered Dean Koontz. And she’ll make sure no one stops her fromgetting exactly what she wants. Fifteen years ago, policewoman Jody made a terrible mistake that resulted in a serial killer known as The Blindfolder escaping justice.


More effective that way. An imaginative thriller that draws on influences from Stephen King, Clive Barker and Neil Gaiman to create a new world where the voice in your head might be all that stands between survival and death.

HIDEAWAY From the Author

The movie tanked, as it deserved to. Koontz suggests that Hatch is somehow inextricably linked to a half-demon murderer known as Vassago. In a structural sense, therefore, Regina is the sun, while all the other characters are planets revolving around her. Young Amy Harper is the most beautiful girl at her school, but to her life seems wretched.

I’ve read this book many times but now that I’m a bit older 40’sI am a bit turned off by the incredible amount of evil exposed in this book by Koontz spending so much time in ooontz mind of the demonic villain. This is what comes of publishing several novels a year.

Each week, our editors select the one author and one book they believe to be most worthy of your attention and highlight them in our Pro Connect email alert. There are two types of Koontz novels; chicken shit and chicken salad. Can’t wait to see what happens next! He stuck it in my business, so I stuck it in his. And without hands and a face, the body can’t be identified immediately.

Hideaway | Dean Koontz

Typical Koontz horror book, it’s a good read. A dark past exhumed I enjoy the style and his ability to step out beyond the lines of what you might expect. Or perhaps he gained a gift of some sort during his recovery. Five star novels are a rare gem within Koontz’s bibliography; this work is a diamond among an ocean of pieces of glass.


Nyeburn is a reanimator and can bring back those who have been pronounced dead after as long as 80 minutes. He remembered the bat that had swooped into the service station lights to snatch the hapless moth out of the air, eating it alive.


There’s no spilled blood and no evidence of a struggle. The ordinary guy and the evil one are unfortunately linked and that link is a major part of this tale. Loontz for fans of Stephen King and Harlan Coben.

But Amy and Joey fall under the carnival spell, unaware that their mother’s secrets are buried here and that vengeance for past deeds lies in wait for them in the make-believe koonfz of. I can’t wait to find out where book two hideaeay take us”Kept me guessing and surprised me at every turn”Pilgrim and Lacey’s friendship and care is lightness and hope in a dark world’.

Mar 10, The Face of Your Father rated it it was amazing. Hideaway by Dean Koontz.

Hunted is the second book in the must-read Voices series, where a voice in your head might be all that stands between survival and death. But when he returns the following morning, his question goes unanswered, and hidewaay ones arise That evil guy I told you about starts dreaming as well.