This is a community/ a people which has carefully and successfully built/ and Maravar) share similar myths/accounts of origin and historic status as rulers. Some members of the caste like to go by the title Thevars, which means ‘the divine They have a political history of mobilising themselves. In the year since the brutal murder of Dalit man Sankar in Udumalaipettai, his wife Kausalya’s brother Gowtham has learned more about Thevar.

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During a prolonged strike of the Pasumalai Mahalaskshmi Mill Workers’ Union, demanding the reinstatement of a section of fired trade unionists, Thevar was jailed for seven months from 15 October Priyanka Thirumurthy Follow priyankathiru Tuesday, December 12, – Although the Mukkulathor own significant amounts of land, the sociologist Hugo Gorringe noted in that “their educational and economic achievements have been negligible”, with many being small farmers or agricultural labourers.

The horrific ‘honour killing’ that was caught on camera had sent a shiver across Tamil Nadu in March The Fame of maravars are written in Nattrinai,kurunthogai,Agananooru,Puranaanooru,Kalithogai and many pathu pattu collection.

Till today, they remain fans of Netaji Subash Chandra Bose and members of the community were said to be a histoty of his Indian National Army. We already had a police sub-inspector from our caste in mind.

U. Muthuramalingam Thevar

Email or Phone Password Forgot account? I then drove them to Dindugal to a relative’s house. Many political parties seeking the support from that community at the time of elections will make pay their respect to him. I have been reading about our caste since this incident with my sister happened,” he explains. He then launched the Forward Bloc on 22 June, calling for the unification of all leftwing elements into a united organisation within the Congress.


U. Muthuramalingam Thevar – Wikipedia

On 28 September, a few days after the clashes had ceased, Thevar was arrested by the police after speaking at the conference of the Indian National Lf Congress, which was the new name taken by the Congress Reform Committee.

Amongst them was a crucial witness in the case, who did not wish to be named. Ahead of the elections to the assembly of the Madras Presidency, Thevar enlisted youths from the Mukkulathor communities to work for the Congress. Or, perhaps, the name comes from aham in the sense of earth, and pati, master or possessor.

So a boy or girl will not marry in their same Killai.

An undying pride in caste: Thevar prejudice returns with fury at Kausalya’s home

Inafter the bifurcation of the Ramnad District the ‘Pasumpon Muthuramalingam District’ was created. A new dynamic in the efforts to build tgevar non-Congress front had emerged in the Madras State which had been reorganised in Karunanidhi played a significant part in incorporating the southern warrior castes, like the Maravars, into the Tamil political identity.

They are found mainly in rhevar districts of Madurai UsilampattiDindigul and Theni. And the one in Mumbai city which connects both western express and eastern express highways to the Mumbai airport the road earlier known as Sion-Mahim link road is renamed after Histoty. Perhaps he took the decision to kill her in a moment of tgevar says Vivek.

In other projects Wikimedia Commons. But do they think that he would have planned this murder? When I tried to talk to her, she refused to respond,” he adds.

The pillars of Thevar’s political thought were spiritualismnationalismanti-imperialism and wanting to create a non-Congress political alternative. Kings are addressed as Thevars during the Chola and Pandyian dynasty some constitute as vikings and warriors of Tamilakkam.

The three groups traditionally each believe themselves to be superior to their fellow Mukkulathors. The Hindu 12 March A conference was held in Tirupparankundram to elect the leadership.


Their presence in politics and bureaucracy is also considered influential. Madurai and surrounding districts, like Virudhunagar, Pudukottai, Ramanathapuram, Tirunelveli and to some extent even Thanjavur, are the power centres of the Mukkulathors, a caste confederacy consisting of three communities viz.

Several official honours have been given to Thevar.

The alliance won the elections, and for the first time Congress lost its hold over the city administration. He returned on 18 February and began to prepare for the coming general election.

The writers of the Sangam Age place them in rural settlements withdrawn from cities. My sister used comminity study very well and got over marks in the Class 12 finals. Dalits, too, committed violent acts. If he comes back, he will try to install his men, and that will only further divide the party.

The state government has sought to address these through legislated schemes as recently as The growing popularity in Thevar as a leader of elements opposing the official Congress leadership in Tamil Nadu troubled the Congress-led government.

When travelling to his birthplace, Pasumpon, in September he was apprehended and jailed for 18 months at the Central Jail in Tiruchirapalli. Archived from the original on A life-size portrait of Thevar was installed in the Tamil Nadu commujity in From the Margins to the Mainstream: Sitaramayya had the active support of Gandhi.

Elections to the assembly of the Madras Presidency were again held in March