book is about bringing the slasher trope to bear in your. Hunter: The Vigil game, helping you perhaps tell a story or chronicle that is effectively a slasher horror. players play actual serial killers instead of hunters would be very fucked up, Slashers are either hunters who have gone off the deep. : WoD Slasher*OP (World of Darkness) (): Chuck However, it is not a World of Darkness book, but a Hunter the Vigil book.

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It’s practically an art to some of them. Former hunters turned Maniac are oftne like Geniuses, but can also come fro mdirect contact with the supernatural – philosophical debates with mages, studying occult math to banish demons, being mind controlled constantly by vampires.

Unless they’re dealing with someone insane or altered by their views, they can’t deal well socially with anyone for long, and they stick out in the memory. Keeps them useful before they go off the deep end. They gave enough manpower for more proactive work. It’s frustrating, always frustrating, when a slasher goes free to kill despite the fact that the agents know they’re guilty.

This is broadly correct, but the prey in question isn’t foxes – it’s humans.

Hunter: The Vigil

One big problem is that their ideas can be contagious. Now here’s the fun part: You can deal slashet other monsters. Everything I see hurts. We tend to throw stuff at our other characters in both games.

They die in the Flood, and apocrypha say that they were mass murderers, bathing in the blood of the undeserving. Detectives seized telegrams and letters, coordinating police forces worldwide.

The two cell members confronting him, both highly capable military veterans, were dead, killed by Amazon spiders whose poison would have been merely annoying had Elliot not been dosing them with a secondary poison for months, inducing anaphylactic shock. They helped me get a lot of evidence, though they were more than a little wary about showing their face in court. Do you want to shoot werewolves with plasma weapons?


Sure, a vampire with Dominate can mind control a slasher, but first that vampire must realize what is going on and than track down the slasher. Their certainty in their mission is both a friend and a foe. Sometimes, a spree killer goes straight ot the random stage. EVen their successes cause friction, since untrained civilians are showing up cops and federal agents.

They often attack with teeth,claws or improvised wepaons, and they tend to become atavistic over time. Generally speaking most slashers don’t stack up all that well against supernaturals.

On the first night, nothing.


The Dear Boss letter is kept under lock and key in Scotland Yard, but the From Hell letter and the Saucy Jack postcard have been missing for a century. Some say they just happen – environmental and other unusual factors, like brain tumors or paranormal yunter, turn people’s minds around, create the slasher phenomenon.

Without evidence, after all, they can get sued for wrongful arrest. You don’t have to be from one of the far out crazy factions to be a murder obsessed nutcase and that’s what makes the super gone slasher so terrifying.

A descendant of Hell itself? A bunch of fundamentalist Christian preppers and sovereign citizens who hunt Heroes rather than Beasts after a Hero leveled their compound. Many are easy killers – or at least easier than when they began, especially with the aid of narcots and alchemy.

On Lindisfarne Island, a small monastic cell contains a viking who thirsts for blood.

Most of the time, the Mask’s defensive ability isn’t that big of a deal. If they had magic whips this Compact would be the Belmont clan. The judges ensure some continuity between years, as most members play not just to their own style but those of the judges. It wasn’t very respected, academically. No one will ever be able to rpove slasheer, but certainly, slashers have no mention at all in the FPD handbook or in case studies – or anything.


Slashers in other Splats. – Onyx Path Forums

Despite them figuring out how to do this, this is a terrible idea for three reasons: They have no support base, no guiding ideology, no way of telling if the tentacle monster is really going to rape, kill and eat them Spoiler: Because the men did not believe Abram had defeated Nimrod, God cursed them, so that each would speak a different langauge from their brother, and they began to fight amongst themselves. People who kill on multiple occasions do not think like regular human beings.

They met in secret and decided to fragment. They kill in the name of God anyway – it only takes a little twist to add normal people to their targets rather than just monsters. They may flee, end up institutionalized or imprisoned, but they learn that normal people feel better without dlasher around. The other is Revulsion. Working with their superior intellect, a Genius can deduce what a victim is going to do, uhnter they’ll react to situations, their routines and so on.