Layout designs (topographies) of integrated circuits are a field in the protection of intellectual The IPIC Treaty is currently not in force, but was partially integrated into the TRIPS agreement. Article 35 of TRIPS in Relation to the IPIC Treaty. (the “IPIC Treaty” or “Washington Treaty”). The specific Articles of these instruments referred to in the TRIPS Agreement are reproduced in this. of Phonograms and Broadcasting Organizations (Rome Convention), and the Treaty on Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits (IPIC Treaty).

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Article 1 Establishment of a Union. Article 3 The Subject Matter of the Treaty. Article 4 The Legal Form of the Protection.


Each Contracting Party shall be free to implement its obligations under this Treaty through a special law on layout-designs topographies or its law on copyright, patents, utility models, industrial designs, unfair competition or any other law or a combination of any of those laws. Article 6 The Scope of the Protection. Article 7 Exploitation; Registration, Disclosure. Article 8 The Duration of the Protection.

No such Intergovernmental Organization shall exercise its right to vote if any of its member States participates in the vote.

WTO | intellectual property – overview of TRIPS Agreement

Article 10 International Bureau. Article 11 Treatj of Certain Provisions of the Treaty. Article 12 Safeguard of Paris and Berne Conventions. Article 14 Settlement of Disputes. The members of the panel shall not, unless the parties to the dispute agree otherwise, be from either party to the dispute.


Integrated circuit layout design protection

They shall be selected from a list of designated governmental experts established by the Assembly. The terms of reference for the panel shall be agreed upon by the parties to the dispute.

If such agreement is not achieved within three months, the Assembly shall set the terms of reference for the panel after having consulted the parties to the dispute and the members of the panel. The panel shall give full opportunity to the parties to the dispute and any other interested Contracting Parties to present to it their views.

If both parties to the dispute so request, the panel shall stop its proceedings. The parties to the dispute shall have a reasonable period of time, whose length will be fixed by the panel, to submit any comments on the report to the panel, unless they agree to a longer time in their attempts to reach a mutually satisfactory resolution to their dispute.

The panel shall take into account the comments and shall promptly transmit its report to the Assembly. The report shall contain the facts and recommendations for the resolution of the dispute, and shall be accompanied by the written comments, if any, of the parties to the dispute.

The Assembly shall, by consensus, make recommendations to the parties to the dispute, based upon its yreaty of this Treaty and the report of the panel. Article 15 Becoming Party to the Treaty.


Washington Treaty on Intellectual Property in Respect of Integrated Circuits

The Organization shall inform the Director General of its competence, and any subsequent changes in its competence, with respect to the matters governed by this Treaty. The Organization and its member States may, without, however, any derogation from the obligations under this Treaty, decide on their respective responsibilities for the performance of their obligations under this Treaty.

Article 16 Entry Into Force of the Treaty.

Article 17 Denunciation of the Treaty. Article 18 Texts of the Treaty.

Artificial Intelligence Universities Gender Equality. Establishment of a Union Article 2: The Subject Matter of the Treaty Article 4: The Legal Form of the Protection Article 5: National Treatment Article 6: The Scope of the Protection Article 7: Exploitation; Registration, Disclosure Article 8: The Duration of the Protection Article 9: International Bureau Article Amendment of Certain Provisions of the Treaty Article Safeguard of the Paris and Berne Conventions Article Settlement of Disputes Article Becoming Party to the Treaty Article Entry Into Force of the Treaty Article Denunciation of the Treaty Article Texts of the Treaty Article