An almost forgotten classic though a founding text of Victorian middle-class identity,Mrs. Beeton’s Book of Household Management is a volume of insight and . The Book of Household Management. By. Mrs. Isabella Beeton. Volume 1. Published by the Ex-classics Project, Public Domain. The Book of Household Management. Comprising Information for the. Mistress, Housekeeper, Cook, Kitchen-maid, Butler, Footman, Coachman, Valet, Upper.

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Instead she should delegate responsibility – the majority of Beeton’s instructions are designed to be carried out by servants. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. The window through which readers gaze upon this slice of life is captivating and sure to please the “Upstairs, Downstairs” crowd, et al.

You seem to have a good head on your shoulders, young fellow. The book thus advocates early rising, cleanliness, frugality, good temper, and the wisdom of interviewing servants rather than relying on written references.

She who makes her husband and her children happy, who reclaims the one from vice and trains up the others to virtue, is a much greater character than ladies described in romances, whose whole occupation is to murder mankind with shafts from their quiver, or their eyes.

Flat as a tack. I will have you know that this is a Scotch broth and is recognised for excellence and wholesomeness as a very close second place to the bouillon, or common soup of France. Previously published as a part-work, it was first published as a book in by S. I’m not adding a date to when I “finished” this book, because I haven’t read it cover to cover, and who knows if I ever will? Explore more timeline content: Retrieved 1 March The preface sets out the book’s goal of providing “men” with such well-cooked food at home that it may compete with what they could eat “at their clubs, well-ordered taverns, and dining-houses”.


My books are three-dimensional. There is also no information on household maintenance and repairs. Want to Read saving…. View all 9 comments. For example I really doubt one should cook macaroni for 30 minutes before cutting it into rings and then cooking it again for 15 minutes. The book is fascinating. The South Australian Advertiser. Please let me help. In private partiesa lady is not to refuse the invitation of a gentleman to dance, unless she be previously engaged.

This book is progressive for the era it was written, though it still at times, of course, annoys my feminist sensibilities. However, Mrs Beeton made it plain that the mistress of the house was not expected to dirty her hands.

Isabella Mary Beeton had a short and in some ways tragic life dieing a month short of her 29th birthday from syphilis contracted from her philandering husband. Beeton’s death in to 74 chapters and over pages; [14] the first edition had 44 chapters. In this opinion we are borne out by the author of “The vicar of Wakefield”, who says, “The modest virgin, the prudent wife, and the careful matron, are much more serviceable in life than petticoated philosophers, blustering heroines, or virago queens.

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I remember Isabella coming out of the kitchen one day, ‘This won’t do at all,’ she said, and gave me the cake that had turned out like a biscuit. Diagram of a slave ship. Mrs Beeton compares the mistress of a house to the commander of an army: She is boo at adapting to situation.

For more details of these cookies and how to disable them, see our cookie policy. Beeton’s practice has been criticised as plagiarism; Beeton’s modern biographer Kathryn Hughes talks of her “lifting” and “brazenly copying” recipes from isablla, and says that this was “the way that cookery books had been put maangement from time immemorial The details on the pay of the servants, the running of a house, and managing a full estate in acceptable and correct fashion was amazing.


The Book of Household Management

Due to the financial climate at the time in wake of the Great Recessionthe Society househkld Beeton’s toast sandwicha dish that Beeton included to cater to the less well-off.

Loads of culinary history in here; Mrs B had done her homework and then some. Mar 03, Cindy rated it it was amazing. The text then swiftly passes to a description of simple measures like a table-spoonful, and the duties of servants.

How dreadful, you suddenly look quite faint. Also, it can be both informative and less-so, and at times it is just unintentionally really funny. Now that I have read this I am so impressed with the capabilities of the Regency and Victorian woman. University of Oklahoma Press.

Mrs Beeton’s Book of Household Management by Isabella Beeton

Sep 20, Whitaker marked it as celebrity-death-match. I’m sure you’ll like her very much. This is followed in early editions by a separate chapter of recipes for soups of different kinds.

The tea-pot hasn’t been warmed. Of all those acquirements, which more particularly belong to the feminine character, there are none which take a higher rank, in our estimation, than such as enter into a knowledge manage,ent household duties.