Isabgol Farming Information such as variates, soil conditions, land preparation, climatic conditions, pests and diseases, irrigation methods and much more. A study was conducted during Rabi and to increase the productivity of isabgol (Plantago ovata), an important cash crop in western Rajasthan. successfully utilized for the cultivation of aromatic and medicinal plants. We achieved almost complete germination of isabgol seeds using up to ppm.

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If too old seeds are taken, they will not germinate well. The soil must be high in nutrients.

The study indicated that Isabgol processing factories are located at Sidhpur, Patanungha and Palampur in Gujarat. Even light rain is harmful to the plants. Isphagula, Isapgaluvittulu, Isapagala Kashmiri: Home Submit your content Contact Privacy Policy.

This must be done so that excess water can be drained out of the field. Removal of dead leaves and branches must also be done whenever needed. Removing any weeds from previous crop is recommended. Please contact your doctor before using any of its products. The roots must not be damaged. Culltivation was further observed that there were non-significant variations in constraints perceived by ksabgol marginal, small and large categories of farmers in the adoption of improved Isabgol practices.


The isabgol crop is very sensitive to extreme weather. Proper and commercial cultivation of this grain can also increase the exports. The production and productivity of Isabgol can be increased by the way of full adoption of Isabgol cultivation technology by the farmers. Crop will be ready usabgol March or April days duration. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. The soil around the roots must be pressed firmly.

Harvest in Isabgol Cultivation: This supports the growth of the isabgol plants. The seeds yield depends on the variety of isabgol used. Only then, the yield will also be higher. India is isabvol producer of these seeds and Isabgol husk. It is also exported to other countries from here. The well-decomposed farmyard manure must be applied at the time of field preparation. Subsidy for Isabgol Cultivation in India: A soil test must be done.

The seeds must not be sown too deep in the soil.

KrishiKosh (कृषिकोश)

Even dew, rainfall or frost can cause loss of yield. It is not advised to grow this crop in poor drainage soils. So, the soil must be raked at times. Strawberry Farming Guide Cultivvation Beginners. When applying Nitrogen, half dose should be applied at the time of sowing and remaining after 4 weeks of sowing. For commercial purposes, the seeds are used.

Isabgol Farming Information

Crop should be harvested when there is dry atmosphere by cutting the plants 15 cm above the ground late in the morning. Thus, in all respondents were included in the sample of study. If there is rainfall, the irrigation must be decreased. The seeds must be mixed with the sand or manure and then broadcasted in the main field.


Isabgol Farming Information, Isabgol Cultivation Guide

It is suitable for growing in temperate regions. Due to its immense health benefits, isabgol has been used among people since decades. Bonsai Tree Growing For Beginners. Five villages were selected on the basis of maximum area under Isabgol crop from identified Panchayat Samiti. After that, harrowing and leveling must be done.

Raking of the soil at occasional intervals is important. Stack the crop 1 or 2 days isxbgol separate the seeds by bullocks. The entire plant is harvested close to the ground. The dehusked grain is sold as animal or bird feed. Land Preparation for Isabgol Cultivation: Lisapghol, Bartang, Abghol Tamil: The husk isbgol last 2 grindings is of superior quality.

Data were collected with the help of interview schedule developed for this study purpose through face to face contact method.