ISO 8573-6 PDF

This part of ISO provides a selection of suitable test methods from those available for the measurement of contamination gases in compressed air. The applicable ISO standards you may use to benchmark your equipment’s .. ISO specifies the test method for gaseous contaminant content. Find the most up-to-date version of ISO at Engineering

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Because the LPC can be used to sample multiple locations rapidly with on-site test results, it is an excellent troubleshooting device. Microorganisms are also considered a major contaminant by CAGI, but will not iiso discussed in this article.

All other purity classes require 1, liters or less of air volume and only 12 minutes or less for sampling time. Oil vapor analysis is required only for classes 1 and 2. In addition, Method B2 uses a straight sampling probe for partial flow sampling under isokinetic conditions.

Typically, these require a known quantity of compressed air to flow through the tube at a specific flow rate. Depending on the pressure and flow rate available at the sampling outlet, sampling may take two or more hours to collect.

ISO , Compressed air Part 6: Test methods for gaseous contaminant content download

These tubes possess the advantages of being less expensive and having a more reliably low level of contamination than laboratory-prepared tubes. Avoid cleaning agents with solvents that can affect hydrocarbon content of a sample.

There are a number of keys to selecting a hygrometer:. Typical testing time is between 50 and hours. The distribution isso must be altered to allow for the insertion of the probe while maintaining identical velocity conditions. It may ieo beneficial to use high-purity valves and fittings along with the sampling set up to ensure compliance with low particle requirements, such as class 1.


There 85573-6 several chemical reaction tube manufacturers and sampling devices that use detector tubes. Certification of persons Do recognize your skills, register online to become certified.

This will be represented by a length of stain that can be read using the scale printed on the detector tube. Trace uses sampling method B1, as it is less intrusive and can be used at various points of use.

Trace has a rental program that includes necessary calibration documentation, simplified sampling instructions, and a high-pressure diffuser to prevent damage to the sampler. Legal notices Photo credits FAQ.

Discover also Certification, assessment, diagnosis Get a quote for certification of systems, products or services, and get certified. Fite Date of publication: There are so many different words to describe oil.

In addition, they may not provide results in terms that are readily converted to the units employed by the standard. In most cases, the contamination was not part of the sampling process but part of the actual manufacturing process. Full flow sampling can be used with this type of sampling equipment.

Compressed air – Part 4: A number of hygrometers are available, ranging from insensitive and cheap to very precise and expensive models. Additionally, samples can be held indefinitely for re-analysis by microscopy or other more specific techniques.

Sampling and Testing for Compressed Air Contaminants

February Number of pages: Oil aerosol and vapor are determined at very low levels. This is particularly crucial when attempting to meet the lower limits of particulate purity class 1. Not all methods discussed in ISO can be used for all size ranges. The first tier of methods includes hygrometers, such as a psychrometer wet and dry bulb thermometersieo chilled mirror condensationand electrical sensors.


Oil vapor is discussed in Samples are analyzed using an optical microscope. Particle purity classes 6, iiso, and X are typically used for industrial tools and pneumatically powered and operated machines with air filtered by general-purpose filters. Other hygrometers are better suited for in-laboratory use—either due to expense or lack of portability. These other compounds can be reported separately, thus not impacting the OV level as might occur with gas chromatography with a non-specific detector, such as flame ionization detection FID.

Oil vapor or gaseous hydrocarbons are frequently noted in parts per million ppm. This method is time and labor-intensive, but if performed by an accredited laboratory, the method provides customers with a third party, ISO accredited laboratory report.

A slight amount of hydrocarbon contamination in a fitting is enough to produce unacceptably high levels of oil vapor OV on the charcoal tube. Whenever a sample is taken from a compressed air outlet, it is important to ensure that the sampling process itself does not contribute to contamination.

It is quite common for air compressor systems to have a permanent, fixed-mount hygrometer that can provide the dew point at various points throughout a system.