These are contained in the file in the Jacl installation directory. You might like to try re-running some earlier parts of the tutorial in Jacl to experiment. Fixed buggy CR handling in Jacl’s subst command. Fixed bug in classloader related to cached env(TCL_CLASSPATH) paths. August 21, Tcl/Java . Jacl, Java Command Language, is a version of the. Tcl [1] scripting language for the Java [2] environ- ment. Jacl is designed to be a universal scripting language.

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Returns the range of characters in str from i to j. Sun wasn’t content to add one new scripting language to Java; they had to add two, aimed at different audiences. Useful when value can begin with a dash. There are cases where backslashes are tutofial.

Getting started with wsadmin scripting

Jacl lists The lists of the Jacl language are strings with a special ajcl. Post as a guest Name. The Jacl interpreter does not evaluate math expressions. The catch command takes two arguments, for example: Jacl data structures The basic data structure in the Jacl language is a string.

The following table includes a summary of the string command: In the third command, substitutions are prevented so the string is printed as it is. The command is either the name of a built-in command or a Jacl procedure. Dozens of new wsadmin high-level commands that decouple the script from the underlying administrative model through use of simple parameters and smart default logic.


For more information, see Administrative properties for using wsadmin scripting. The default keyword works only on the last pattern-body pair. Return the list of all indexes defined for arr, or those that match the string match pattern. TP Two different things. The second argument is the name of a variable that contains the result of the command or an error message if the command raises an error.

Create a top level java class with a main method.

The tutotial command causes the loop to continue with the next iteration. Splits a string up into list elements, using the characters in splitChars as boundaries between list elements. String Where at least one user went wrong was neglecting to add the TclJava jar to the class path, as well as the JACL jar even though only JACL was all that was used, both jars were needed– a tip which someone else thankfully put into a c.

There is no hint that the announced scripting language is based on Jacl. If there is more than one server, it prints all of the servers: Scripting and command line reference material using wsadmin scripting.


Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled. Returns a search token for a search through arr. The result from the previous example is the following output, assuming that only one server exists in the environment. It takes four arguments, for example: The operation argument determines ajcl action of the string.

Using wsadmin scripting with Jacl

Returns the number of characters in the string. The first argument of the append command is a variable name. Swank is an interesting extension to Jacl. Returns a list that alternates between an index and the corresponding array value.

The second form of substitution is command substitution. A WebSphere Application Server scripting solution. Probably best to also ask on the tcl-java mailing lists, as I’m not sure if key people are frequent wiki visitors.