The relationships among the firms comprising the Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park form an industrial symbiosis. Generally. Read chapter The Industrial Symbiosis at Kalundborg, Denmark: Industrial ecology is a concept that has emerged in response to growing public concern about. The Solution: by working together and exchanging material, water, and energy streams between the partners, Kalundborg Symbiosis increases resilience and.

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Kalundborg Eco-industrial Park

Novo Nordisk started delivering biological sludge to neighboring farms by tank truck. Surplus heat from this power plant is used to heat local homes in addition to a nearby fish farmwhose sludge is then sold as a fertilizer. The Statoil refinery commissioned the building of a pipeline to supply biologically treated refinery effluent water to the power plant for cleaning purposes and for fly-ash stabilization.

Novozymes Wastewater and Biogas handles the residual process water and biomass from the production at both Novozymes and Novo Nordisk. Gyproc used the gas today, natural gas for the drying of the produced plasterboard in their ovens. The international press and then academia picked up the story through the multinational companies involved in the Kalundborg Symbiosis. Four industrial facilities—a power plant, an oil refinery, a plaster-board manufacturing plant, and a biotechnology production facility—and the local municipality participate in the Kalundborg symbiosis.

Participants save money in two ways: Kalundborg Eco-Industrial Park is an industrial symbiosis network located in KalundborgDenmarkin which companies in the region collaborate to use each other’s by-products and otherwise share resources.

What is industrial symbiosis? An action-oriented set of methods, mindsets and thought starters to help innovators design circular solutions that are fit for the future. This is where water and energy flows for both companies are distributed.


It seems likely that there will be dozens of exchanges established in Denmark within the next couple of years. Biogas and fertilizer potentials from residual biomass from Novozymes Novogro and Novo Nordisk yeast slurry is exploited and realised at a biogas plant with in the symbiosis.

The large amounts also means that it makes a difference, when Novozymes helps create new symbiosis opportunities and utilize the existing ones. Part of the non-regeneratable ethanol is sent to the biogas plant at Novozymes Wastewater and Biogas. Ready to take your ka,undborg offline?

Developed nations such as the United States began to formulate incentives for corporations to implement materials exchange with other corporations. The following are some examples of resources saved through the Kalundborg Indisutrial symbiosis initiative:. Kalundborg Forsyning indvinder og leverer overfladevand og renset overfladevand til virksomheder i Kalundborg Symbiosen.

Kalundborg symbiosis | WE-ECONOMY

Click here to buy this book in print or download it as a free PDF, if available. The biotechnology facility is owned by Novo Nordisk.

Derefter ledes vandet til Renset spildevand. That leftover heat can be utilized in the district heating grid by using heat kalundbrog. Det svarer til forbruget i cirka At the biogas plant biogas is upgraded to natural gas quality and send via the national grid to symbiosis partners Gyproc and Equinor and other end consumers.

The Kalundborg Symbiosis was developed based on commercial agreements between the partners. This process converts sulphur dioxide SO 2 flue gas to calcium sulphate or gypsum which is sold to the Gyproc plaster-board plant, where it replaces imported natural gypsum.

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Among the participants are a refinery, a power plant, an enzyme producer, a producer of insulin, and a manufacturer of gypsum board. This type and size of production has big demands in terms of water and energy, which means that Novo Nordisk benefits greatly from being part of the Kalundborg Symbiosis, where there is easy access to energy and water, as well as good opportunities to develop the production to make it even more sustainable.

Our work Approach Activities Regions. Supplies change over time Companies are concerned that they have a secure and steady supply of energy and raw materials, and as a participant in the symbiosis, one needs to symibosis the consequences, if a key-partner in the project closed or pulled out.

Looking for other ways to read this? Environmental and societal benefits. NovoGro is not only a waste product to dispose when Novo and Novozymes are done letting their yeasts eat off their biomass and produce enzymes and medications like insulin. The Danish Business Authority supports activities all over Denmark to identify and start potential systems of symboosis exchange.

Fjernvarme er en udbredt praksis symbisois Danmark. In practice, using industrial symbiosis as an approach to commercial operations — using, recovering and redirecting resources for reuse — results in resources remaining in productive use in the economy for longer. This involves attracting investments from the delegations who visit the Symbiosis Center Denmark to learn about the Kalundborg Symbiosis.