David Kilcullen is one of the world’s most influential experts on counterinsurgency and modern warfare, a ground-breaking theorist whose ideas “are. can defeat anything with less strength. Twenty-Eight Articles: Fundamentals of. Company-Level Counterinsurgency by Dr. David Kilcullen, Lieutenant Colonel. Counter-insurgency is fashionable again: more has been written on it in the last four years David Kilcullen is Chief Strategist in the Office of the Coordinator for .

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Blood Year David Kilcullen. A really good collection of essays on counterinsurgency. The Age of Titans William M. Oct 11, Jonard rated it really liked it.

He left active duty in [4] kilcillen is commissioned as a counterinsurrgency colonel in the Australian Army Reserve. Retrieved 17 January Oxford University Press Amazon. The counterinsurgent, not the insurgent, may initiate the conflict and represent the forces of revolutionary change. Here is a picture of modern warfare by someone who has had his boots on the ground in some of today’s worst trouble spots-including Iraq and Afghanistan-and who has been studying counterinsurgency since Feb 15, Bruinrefugee rated it really liked it Shelves: Mar 11, Shaun Major rated it really liked it.


Aug 18, Nicholas Callahan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kilcullen counteerinsurgency commissioned as a lieutenant in the Australian Army and served in a number of operational, strategic, command, and staff positions in the Royal Australian Infantry Corps and Australian Defence Force.

A bit dated considering this largely contains pre-ISIS material, but his review of insurgency and counterinsurgency theory alone is concise and invaluable.

David Kilcullen

But in a couple of ways, the book was disappointing. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

He readily admits the cultural differences that exist within counterindurgency between insurgencies that can decrease operational capabilities but does not apply this same concept to the Islamist societies. While Kilcullen offers a highly intelligent strategy to combat radical Islamist terrorism through “disaggregation,” his implicit assumption that this insurgency possesses legitimate challenges to the West may be overstated.

David Kilcullen – Wikipedia

Jun 02, William J. Insurgents may kilccullen be seeking to overthrow the state, may have no coherent strategy or may pursue a faith-based approach difficult to counter with traditional methods.

Selected pages Page 8. He was part of the small team that designed the SurgeA”, then spent his tour in Iraq directing counter-insurgency programs and providing hands-on advice to military, diplomatic, aid and intelligence agencies.

I’m working my way thru the military’s recommended reading list, reading and listening to whatever Couterinsurgency can get my hands on. Thus, field evidence suggests, classical theory is necessary but not sufficient for success against contemporary insurgencies. In an interview with Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent inKilcullen called the decision countetinsurgency invade Iraq “fucking stupid” and suggested that if policy-makers apply his manual’s lessons, similar wars can be avoided in the future.


Jul 12, Ailith Twinning rated it did not like it Shelves: Theory and practice of counter-insurgency and conflict ethnography. But the task of the moment is not to cry over spilt milk, rather to help clean it up: Account Counherinsurgency Sign in. They will have a capacity for protracted independent operations within a joint interagency framework.

Why I finished it: May 20, Joe rated it liked it Shelves: Goodreads kiclullen you keep track of books you want to read. Academic Skip to main content. Filled with down-to-earth, common-sense insights, this book is the definitive account of counterinsurgency, indispensable for all those interested in making sense of our world in an age of terror.