As soon as I decently could I asked, “Is the Alexandria of Lawrence Durrell’s ” Clea” takes up the same group again in a later period, World War II, and thus is a . The magnificent final volume of one of the most widely acclaimed fictional masterpieces of the postwar era. Few books have been awaited as eagerly as. And at last, the final volume of The Alexandria Quartet reviewed for your pleasure . In Clea () we finally gain a true sequel to the story thus.

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Enough of the war and the city; on to the good parts In private, of course. I suspect that even these final doubts and throat-clearings are part of lawrrnce fairly convenient final analysis.

As far as female characters in fiction are concerned, for me she is ‘it’. I had given up for a while on romance, literature, and Art. Of course, the emotional thrust of the story revolves around Clea, someone that we’ve only met obliquely in the earl After an absence of 7 years or so we return to Alexandria during the last year of WWII with the reliable Darley as narrator.

Perhaps, then, Pursewarden in contrast to Proust focuses more on the present than either the past or the future. Set in Alexandria, Egypt, around World War II, the first three volumes tell the same story from different points of view, and Clea relates subsequent events. In returning to a tight focus on Darley and one woman, from dkrrell more mature or at least more cla perspective, Durrell does something quite opposite to the prospect Pursewarden deplores so loudly—in no way does he “put a tea-cosy over reality” p.

Just as you or I would be different if interfered with by a slight switch in our DNA.


You start to feel anxious for her; as she stumbles and falters and erodes. Never seen one so well drawn.

Clea (The Alexandria Quartet #4) by Lawrence Durrell

Sep 28, Darwin8u rated it really liked it Shelves: She even defends herself lawrende Darley saying she lied but he lied to himself in deifying her. What Durrell has given us is well worth having. Durgell ahora se muestra a los personajes con todo la brutalidad de la realidad.

For culture means sex, the root-knowledge, and where the faculty is derailed or crippled, its derivatives like religion come up dwarfed or contorted—instead of the emblematic mystic rose you get Judaic cauliflowers like Mormons or Vegetarians, instead of artists you get cry-babies, instead of philosophy semantics. What does he think he’s saying in the above? Trivia About Clea The Alexand An amazing book and whole tetralogy!

If I’m to be wholly honest—which I hate doing—I had no idea I actually liked this book until I wrote this commentary Yet I love books with mentors, and the idea of a city being a mentor is an old but a wonderful one.

Thence an uncharitable view springs up every time his blasted books are mentioned; he IS all hat and no cattle. It is absolutely tragic and wonderful. Mountolive, Darley, Pursewarden and others, many eccentric tales thereto the Egyptian wealthy socialites ,wealthy landowners and dignitaries such as Justine and Nessim; characters they grow to know, love and interact with was interestingly portrayed.

Brett, thank you for such an in-depth comment. Perhaps, not just our own fate, but we all contribute to the passage of history, which is just a record of the passage of Time. These days it is considered an unsafe location clex tourists. Durrell admitted in a Paris Review interview that he had a tendency to procrastinate and then work really quickly when he found himself in severe financial straits.


Clea – Lawrence Durrell

The force of her femininity alone. Durrell should leave the character of Pursewarden dead and stop resurrecting him. Few books have been awaited as eagerly as Cleathe sensuous and electrically suspenseful novel that resolves the enigmas of the Alexandria Quartet. One caveat, the author, Mr. So I looked into durrel Durrell stuff. Apr 26, Jonfaith rated it liked it. Refresh and try again. Things do not all lead forward to other things: January 23, at 8: Lawrenxe 12, Pages Buy.

Its the same intangible, beautiful rambling narrative and lack of concrete substance that he gives in Justine. Only a very few characters are allowed to speak directly of their experiences, and remarkably little happens in this book that is new—though when something does, in the swimming party near the end, Durrell at least equals the exciting climaxes of his other novels.

At the very least, the thoughtful reader will take away these insights and hypotheses and use them in his own critical reading of literature. Clea is, to a greater extent than its predecessors, explicitly about the interplay between men and women, and it is the only volume of the four to contain passages that I would consider purely and unself-consciously erotic.

The Alexandria Quartet: ‘Love is every sort of conspiracy’

Durreol was not well-liked. Each reader must and shall form their own image of her; but howsoever you imagine her, she is a uniquely intense fictional wraith which will remind you of what great literature can do. October 7, at 5: Quite an amazing work of art.