The Leningrad System is one of the sharpest and most interesting replies to 1 d4, and since this typical set-up is also playable against the flank openings 1 c4. Booktopia has Leningrad System, A Complete Weapon Against 1 D4 by Stefan Kindermann. Buy a discounted Paperback of Leningrad System online from. Author Stefan Kindermann. Ee8 in the main line of the Leningrad System is presented here, but since the typical motifs and ideas for both sides are fully.

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On the subject of not being able to use the Dutch against certain flank openings, I tend to play a Tarrasch Defense setup against these – e6, d5, and c5, syztem improvise from there. It’s time for me to learn some dutch. The pages are a heavyweight bright white with almost zero bleed through. The leninggad of this book is simply fantastic.

The Dutch has since been rendered an inferior opening, similar to the Pirc and King’s Gambit. Wich also handles how to fight the dutch. This opening has been played by many top players over the years Lasker, Fischer, Timman, Shirov This is a revised English edition of a book originally published in by the same author.


Jan 26, 6. Systek, going for the Tarrasch setup against the oddball flank stuff, and saving the Dutch to play against d4 and c4. I can see you’re pretty passionate in your defense of the dutch so I’ll leave you alone. They were truly the champions of their time; however, times do change. Spanish Exchange Variation Stefan Kindermann.

Stefan Kindermann books

Botvinnik on the other hand aka Iron Mike was known as one of the most profound strategists the game has ever seen. I’m not familiar with the problem you describe of playing the Dutch lenimgrad 1.

We then get the meat of the book which is covered with 28 deeply annotated illustrative games — and I mean lneingrad annotated. Black needs to be very careful about playing 1.

The Spanish Exchange Variation lets you play one of the major chess openings, the Ruy Lopez, without the risk of drowning in the huge flow of information now available to the modern chessplayer.

Leningrad System : Stefan Kindermann :

Product details Format Paperback pages Dimensions x x 18mm I know I avoid the 1. DanielGuerrero25 4 min ago.

We can notify you when this item is back in stock. Bg5 is super popular because you basically cut out every line of the Dutch and get a nice attacking weapon. He does go on to show how to play the Leningrad against 1. Progress in Chess Heft: For example, one of the appeals of the Dutch Defense is that it can be played against anything except 1.


Stefan Kindermann (Author of Leningrad System)

The author does not think that playing 1…f5 is a wise response to 1. I by no means am trying to take anything away from the champions of old, because back then the King’s Gambit and Dutch were perfectly employable. And yes, I’ve used it against both.

Other books in this series. Feb 7, 9. Oct 31, 1. Is it a pain to have to learn another defense? Jan 23, 4.

It was only a few years ago that the Lisitsin Gambit 2. Thanks for the warning.

Secrets of Creative Thinking Artur Yusupov. Be aware that it is a repertoire book and many leinngrad variations for Black are not covered, e. Learn Chess in 40 Hours Rudolf Teschner. He has worked for many years as a chess writer and trainer and is one of the world’s leading experts on the Leningrad System.