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Separate ground leads minimize possible decoupling problems. The UDS- H driver uses a grounded-base input stage for non-inverting operation while dstasheet UDSH driver uses a common-emitter input stage for inverting op- eration.

LM1391N описание схема включения

Without this condition- ing, marginal circuits that initially meet all specifications could exhibit early lifetime failures under normal operating condi- tions. All outputs are pinned opposite their respective inputs to simplify circuit board layout.

Output load current, Iqut 2. An increasing number of these Sprague devices are especially designed for or are easily adapted to motor drive applications. Devices Test Conditions Min. It recovers a-m audio by peak detection and f-m audio by phase discrimination.

Outputs may be paralleled for higher load current capability within the limits of the allow- able package power dissipation rating. Large-volume use of DI circuits will be restrained until these problems particularly alternate sources can be overcome. In all cases, the output is switched ON by an active high input level. Pin 1 1 provides AFC. This is accomplished by reducing the current applied to the I-F amplifier by the current source Q A low-resistance path must be provided between pins 9 and With appropriate external diode transient ,m1391n, the Series UDN- M drivers can also be used with inductive loads such as relays, solenoids, and stepping motors.

The sensitivity may be adjusted by changing the value of Cl or C2. Applications with a greater number of digits rnay use any combination of units for minimum package count.


The d-c motor interface Output Current, 1 0UT A guarantee of mA output sink current capa- bility saturated is provided with the worse case Datahseet logic 1 level of 2.

The twenty-five integrated circuits permit the cir- cuit designer to select the optimum device for his application. The fifth I-F stage Q9 and Q10 is operated at maximum gain and current to provide full signal to the a-m and f-m detector. The plasma datasheft emit an orange glow when switched at rather high frequencies, and light output intensity is a function of frequency. The jiF capacitor indicated in Figure 12 achieves typically 35 dB rejection.

Transient Suppression All five power outputs are diode protected against inductive transients. To reduce the size of Q54, an additional transistor Q48 is added to the circuit as shown in Figure 2. It in- dicates F-M gain and pin 16 output voltage as functions of the pin 16 load resistance. A- A owe. Also, see note — 6. Quality is the extent to which a device conforms to specifications when it is ship- ped to the user.

It is also possible to now better define the voltage at the emitter output and to then provide suitable segment current-limiting resistors for the LEDs. Any shipment to a customer will consist of parts from a single selection single suffix. By utilizing a negative supply, the level shifting is datasheet done in the cathode side. The Series ULNA is especially designed for use with standard and Schottky TTL where higher output currents are required and loading of the logic output is not a concern.

Competitive part numbers are shown in strict alpha-numerical order; letters are listed before numbers LX precedes L datasheft CS is listed before CS Finally with the addition of an input emitter follower Q53 and a local negative feedback loop R36the output is completed as it appears in the ULNA. In Figure 3 is shown a display interface system utilizing the UHP- and UHP display drivers, associated thick- film networks, and discretes.


These normally occur within the first few hours of user application. Type UCS H, the four-latch device, is fur- nished in a standard pin side-brazed hermetic package.

Data Sheet catalog: ParNumber from digitIndex LM

Units Supply Voltage Vqq 4. The Lm1391j is capable of unipolar drive without external active devices, either in a full-step mode pin 11 Monostable RC tied lm3191nor in a double-step mode pin 11 connected to RC timing. Switching between modes can be accomplished with a simple single-pole d-c switch.

These SCR arrays operate from an unfiltered half-wave 50 or 60 Hz or full- wave or Hz rectified source. Typical loads are low-voltage LEDs and incandescent displays. Power Amplifier Selection of power supply voltage and speaker im- pedance allow the designer to choose audio power levels up to almost 1 watt as the curves in Figure 6 lm131n. The use of digital displays in appliances, gasoline pumps, electronic games even pinball machinesetc. The CMOS bit shift register and associated latches are designed for operation over a supply voltage range of 5 V to 15 V.

Although not expressly intended for display applications, this BiMOS CMOS logic and bipolar outputs IC has a great xatasheet of utility to engineers working with lower voltages and high currents LEDs, incandescent and electromagnetic displays. Unity document suite datasheet 4 Documents.