Lucrezia Borgia has ratings and reviews. Yet, as bestselling biographer Sarah Bradford reveals in this breathtaking new portrait, the truth is far more. : Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love, and Death in Renaissance Italy ( ): Sarah Bradford: Books. Lucrezia Borgia: Life, Love and Death in Renaissance Italy eBook: Sarah Bradford: : Kindle Store.

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I love historical bios, and have a good collection myself but this one is just not very well written. And it turned out to be more enjoyable and informative th I wasn’t planning borgua reading anything related to the Borgias this year, because I lean towards shying away like a scalded cat from this topic due to the lack of seriousness and sensationalism surrounding this family in HF.

As the wife of Alfonso d’Este, heir to the Duke of Ferrara, she became an accomplished stateswoman, deftly running a green and golden wedge of Adriatic Italy during her husband’s many absences.

There is a lot of detail presented This is a true story covering the life of Lucrezia Borgia, the illegitimate daughter of Pope Alexander VI, who lived in what is now Italy in the late s. Nov lucrrezia, Heidi rated it did not like it Shelves: Italy in the ss, where the Renaissance is in full swing. Not quite as good as Bradford’s biography of Horgia, but still recommended.

Neither a vicious monster nor a seductive pawn, Lucrezia Borgia was a shrewd, determined woman who used her beauty and intelligence to secure a key role in the political struggles of her day. Unfortunately for Sarah Bradford it seems that there just isn’t enough evidence to support or refute any claims about Lucrezia, and she remains a largely shadowy figure.

Big kudos to the author who did such a good job humanizing via rounding out the person rather than pandering that I kept putting off the end so that Borfia didn’t die. Cesare was a walking contradiction. The foregoing is only a glimpse into the intrigue, the debauchery, the politics, and the sexual innuendos that were an integral part of the Borgia’s legacy.

Even motherhood did not stop Alexander from moving Lucretia forward on a mission to expand the empire and his influence for by this time she had proven that she was a skillful administrator and a person who could easily gain the love and the loyalty of her people.


You submitted the following rating and review. They enjoyed reading the bio’s of the famous and infamous in Italian Renaissance history. Preview — Cesare Borgia by Sarah Bradford. Books of the Week.

Recommended to Kelly by: I am really interested in history, particularly renaissance history and have read a fair few biographies of this era, but this one I found totally engrossing. Even those witnesses who wrote apparently for their own eyes, such as the diarist Johannes Burchard, the Pope’s master of ceremonies, seem to have thought in terms of spectacular set pieces rather than deep structure.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. Although not everything can be: Then I’d try to push myself to read just a few more pages so I could finish it faster. The main key factors were his governance of the province of Romagna through the power of the papacy, aid of his father Pope Alexander VI, the murder of this brother Juan, and his relationship with his sister Lucretia Borgia.

The notorious Borgia family No other biography is likely to bring us closer to Lucrezia’ Spectator ‘Bradford’s forte, ever since she was a history-mad girl, is thinking herself into other lives’ Daily Telegraph Sarah Bradford is a historian and biographer.

Sep 09, Mark Kenneth rated it did not like it. Bradford makes clear that the truth is very different and far more fascinating. Having just finished a book on Henry VII that was all brogia the place chronologically, and this book while not as bad, but did jump around a bit, I did have a difficult time piecing together some of the concurring events.

Cesare Borgia: His Life and Times

As a history fan I found a lot of interesting bits. Bradford luvrezia so much background information that she loses sight of the books main character, Lucrezia Borgia.

It’s an illuminating biography on one of history’s most in famous women, and although much of the rumor and glamour of the Borgia legacy has been stripped by the truth or the closest we’ll ever come to the truth, anywayit is still a fascinating read.

What rather bothers me is that somehow her bio, maybe because it’s the most recent and popular one, or maybe it’s her writing style, ends up more often So, this was my first bio about Cesare Borgia and back in and until very recently I loved it.


This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. It may sound like it’s a book about the Borgias, but it’s a book about Cesare Borgia and how he brought down his family and himself. Sarah Bradford does exactly that by dint of meticulous research revealing the fascinating if turbulent life of the daughter of Pope Alexander VI.

Review: Lucrezia Borgia by Sarah Bradford | Books | The Guardian

Meticulously referenced and using vast amounts of primary sources, as well as looking in a measured way at historical debates, this is exactly what a biography should be — and Lucrezia emerges from her own voice and those of the people around her, rather than as a trashy historical fiction heroine.

Criticisms of the author dwelling too much on various members of Lucrezia’s family and entourage rather than the woman herself are perfectly aarah, though I rather suspect they are due to a lack in source material concerning Lucrezia more than saran else. There are murders, wars, scheming, teenage mistresses, bastard children, and other classic Renaissance-style fun and syphilis.

We are experiencing technical difficulties. Bradford felt the need to point out that most history has been mysogynist and sexist and Lucrezia might not have deserved the bleak reputation history has stuck to her. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Showing of 61 reviews.

The Years of War, What rather bothers me is that somehow her bio, maybe because it’s the most recent and popular one, or maybe it’s her writing style, ends up more often than not being regarded as the gospel truth about Cesare and who he was, when in fact it’s just another bio among piles of other bios about him and his family, lucdezia mistakes and flaws and heavy bias too one example is her clear shipping feelings over Cesare and Lucrezia lool.

But for God’s sake, she could have infused a little passion into birgia writing! One person found this helpful. Probably one of the best autobiographies written on the Italian historical figure behind Florentine philosopher and statesmen Niccolo Machiavelli’s “The Prince.