In The Lumber-Room by Saki we have the theme of imagination, ingenuity, trust, freedom, arrogance, escape and pride. Taken from his The. The children were to be driven, as a special treat, to the sands at Jagborough. Nicholas was not to be of the party; he was in disgrace. Only that morning he had . A few attributes of story: -The aunt is tyrannical. She thinks Boy would try to enter into the garden, only because she told him not to. -It is depicted that Adult lacks.

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Older and wiser and better people had told him that there could not possibly be a frog in his bread-and-milk and that he was not to talk nonsense; he continued, nevertheless, to talk what seemed the veriest nonsense, and zaki with much detail the coloration and markings of the alleged frog. Social convention is stifling and dull; the imagination should not be caged by religiously observed rules. Such parts of the house as Nicholas knew best were rather bare and cheerless, but here there were wonderful things for the eye to feast on.

Tea that evening was partaken of in a fearsome silence. In the first place it was large and dimly lit, one high window opening on to the forbidden garden being its only source of illumination.

The Lumber-Room by Saki (H.H. Munro)

With neither giving the other an inch. She appears to do gy she can to scupper any plans that Nicholas might have to enjoy himself or to simply be a child.

Specifically, it is about how one clever but mischievous boy, Nicholas, seeks to outwit his aunt so he can gain access to the lumber-room with its hidden treasures and curiosities. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The tightness of Bobby’s boots had had a disasterous effect on his temper the whole of the afternoon, and altogether the children could not have been said to have enjoyed themselves.

Interesting Literature

Tne tide had been at its highest when the children had arrived at Jagborough Cove, so there had been no sands to play on–a circumstance that the aunt had overlooked in the haste of organising her punative expedition.

Facebook Twitter Email Print. Instead she is the one who has been punished and to make matters worse she has been punished by a child. Nicholas sat for many golden minutes revolving the possibilities of the scene; he was inclined to think that there were more than four bj and that the man and his dogs were in a tight corner. Nicholas had not had much experience of the art of fitting keys into keyholes and turning locks, but for some days past he had practised with the key of the schoolroom door; he did not believe in trusting too much to luck and accident.


His face took on an expression of considerable obstinacy. And there was a carved sandalwood box packed tight with aromatic cotton-wool, and between the layers of cotton-wool were little brass figures, hump-necked bulls, and peacocks and goblins, delightful to see and to handle. Munro 28 Mar Dermot Saki H. Which would lead the reader to again be supportive of Nicholas. She had grown suspicious at his long disappearance, and had leapt to the conclusion that he had climbed over the wall behind the sheltering screen of the lilac bushes; she was now engaged in energetic and rather hopeless search for him among the artichokes and raspberry canes.

Oh, Devil, you have sold yourself! Only that morning he had refused to eat his wholesome bread-and-milk on the seemingly frivolous ground that there was a frog in it.

In summary, he is the epitome of the mischievous child. She was a woman of few ideas, with immense powers of concentration. And there was a carved sandal-wood box packed tight with aromatic cotton-wool, and between the layers of cotton-wool were little brass figures, hump-necked bulls, and peacocks and goblins, delightful to see and to handle.

Short Stories: The Lumber Room by Saki

The key was as important as it looked; it was the instrument which kept the mysteries of the lumber-room secure from unauthorized intrusion, which opened a way lumbfr for aunts and such-like privileged persons. Less promising in appearance was a large square book with plain black covers; Nicholas peeped into it, and, behold, it was full of coloured pictures of birds.

First and foremost there was a piece of framed tapestry that was evidently meant to be roim fire-screen.

It was clear to his aunt that he was determined to get into the gooseberry garden, “only,” as she remarked to herself, “because I have told him he is not to. Nicholas was not to be of the party; he was in disgrace. Roon email address will not be published. Something that any adult would dread as it would result in their pride being wounded. Unlike his Aunt who the reader discovers later on in the ulmber has lied about the jam. As for Nicholas, he, too, was silent, in the absorption of one who has much to think about; it was just possible, he considered, that the huntsman sakj escape with his hounds while the wolves feasted on the stricken stag.


He walked noisily away, and it was a kitchenmaid, in search of parsley, who eventually rescued the aunt from the rain-water tank. This may be important as the incident with the frog results in the reader trusting Nicholas over his Aunt.

His aunt, believing she must have missed him when he crept out into that gooseberry garden, goes looking for him, and ends up falling into the rain-water tank. His aunt was still calling his name when he sauntered into the front garden.

Interesting Literature is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by linking to Amazon. And as he was admiring the colouring of the mandarin duck and assigning a life-history to it, the voice of his aunt in shrill vociferation of his name came from the gooseberry garden without.

There was an unusual sense of luxury in being able to talk to an aunt as though one was talking to the Evil One, but Nicholas knew, with childish discernment, that such luxuries were not to be over-indulged in. The delicious wit and enterprise of Nicholas is what thrills us in the story; his aunt, we feel, belongs in that water-tank with all the other boring adults.

Fetch the little ladder from under the cherry tree–“. What is important is that Nicholas was being honest. The William of the title is Kaiser Bill, and the longish story is set in an alternative future England which has lost the then imminent First World War.

It came up to his expectations. The sin of taking a frog from the garden and putting it into a bowl of wholesome bread-and-milk was enlarged on at great length, but the fact that stood out clearest in the whole affair, as it presented itself to the mind of Nicholas, was that the older, wiser, and better people had been proved to be profoundly in error in matters about which they had expressed the utmost assurance. So his boy-cousin and girl-cousin and his quite uninteresting younger brother were to be taken to Jagborough sands that afternoon and he was to stay at home.

Who said Fyodor didnt have a sense of humour!